Monday, July 20, 2015

In 11 hours I'm going to wake up more enlightened than you and will have found my twin flame. Thanks youtube!

I told Derek to remind me in the winter when I complain about the cold and snow how I complained about the heat in the summer. Don't worry, he won't forget to remind me. Honestly this summer hasn't been the worst it just feels like it's the worst right now. Ah the humidity!

Here's me going to work today.

I picked a nice flower for you. It made me sneeze because I have allergies. Hope you appreciate the effort I went through to give this to you!

We are all swamp people! Let's gather together (ok not too close because it's hot and we're all gross and sticky) and complain about the heat!

I'm listening to zen music as I'm typing this because I think I've been too stressed lately. I think I found a good mix on youtube but looking through the choices it was very difficult to decide. One video is 6 hours of flute music?! I'm just imagining My Heart Will Go On for SIX LONG HOURS. Obviously I would never listen to any of these for six hours straight but who put together six hours of flute music?! Ok I just took a little listen and although it's nice I just think I'd want to mix it up from hours of flute. There's some nice visuals of flutes and Native Americans in case you forget what you're listening to.

Then there's 11 hours of Tibetan healing sounds. ELEVEN HOURS. If I listen to that overnight I better wake up like Grandpa Joe in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

I'm healed!!!

Now this last option I'm sharing will attract your soul mate and manifest my twin flame! Did Tina Belcher upload this? Now what if I listen to this and I wake up and I'm like "Derek, you're my twin flame!" He would probably look at my like I'm crazy but the youtubes is real and will cure all my ailments and let me know if we're soul mates or drive us mad with flutes! Thank you youtube and random relaxation music!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Saving, moving and where is Mary Poppins and her snapping when you need her?

I'm here! I have not forgotten about my blog or your blogs (I'm going to check up on all of you when I finish this blog post *points finger*). 

It's been a bit busy in my neck of the woods. I had to get rid of my car and quickly. I was going to get a rejection sticker for my car so I'd have more time to find a good deal on selling it. Unfortunately I discovered that if I tried to get it inspected there was a chance they might not let me drive it back home due to the rotted floor panels. Hilarious because Nissan doesn't consider it a "safety issue". So I had to sell my car very quickly and after calling around to a few places I realized I was not going to get much money for the car. I only got a couple hundred dollars for it and I still owe back $5,000.00 on my 401k loan. At least I'm paying back myself.

So I'm not getting another car until I pay off the rest of my credit card debt. I hate that I have it and I can make due without a car. I will miss having one but time to put on my responsible pants here. 

When I have extra money coming my way I'm putting half into my savings and half into paying off the credit cards. I've been selling some things on ebay, bringing my lunch to work (RIP food court) and not shopping. I also lowered my data on my cell plane so I'm saving $20.00 a month. If I'm at home or work I turn off my cellular data so it only goes through wifi. That helps me save on my data. That's a little tip from me to you. Not having a car will help me save money although I will be using zipcar from time to time.

Besides all of that, we're moving in two weeks! It's coming up so fast. I'm stressed over the move because these types of things always stress me out. I still have a lot of packing and tossing to do. Where is Mary Poppins and her snapping when you need her? Two weeks after I move in I'm going to Florida to visit my brother and his family. I'm swamped at work right now so that's adding to the stress. Welcome to my stress blog post I guess! Fun times.

Please share your frugal tips with me. It helps keep me motivated to save money.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

I did many American things on the Fourth of July

This was the first Fourth of July in years that I have stayed home and done nothing! There's always some cookout, camping, event happening and I tend to be the type of person who must do all the things! I have a hard time turning down a social invitation even if I really need to stay home and recharge. Why do I do this to myself? I must be the social butterfly flitting around everywhere. I'm afraid that if I don't go I could be missing out on the fun times! People can't have fun without me!

What did we do for the Fourth? Derek made burgers and corn on cob. I made sangria (it came out ok but could have used some Brandy) and played Mario Kart. I think my thumbs are still sore. We are both pretty competitive. The leftover college kids were partying it up which pretty much solidified my decision to stay inside to avoid that mess.

I also watched Jaws and Bob's Burgers and was lazy so really I did many "American" things to celebrate the Fourth of July.