Monday, July 4, 2022

Monday, April 18, 2022

Patriots Day

 No work for me today. Sat outside and enjoyed the sun for a bit. Then I took a nap. A good day off.

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Opening day

 Someone is ready for baseball season. I'm just ready for warm weather and hot dogs.

Monday, June 14, 2021

Sunday walks

We've been spending too much time on our butts so out of the house we go. Time to hit the trails!

This is why I don't ride bikes. Rouge trees everywhere.

Show me the Ospreys! Waaaaaaaay off in the distance you can see the nests on platforms.

Investigating the water. Yep, it is wet.

More birds! My internet research tells me these are Great egrets.

These two parks are less than a 10 minute drive from our house. It's pretty great (much like the egrets).

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Snowy trees

Waiting for the bus in the cold.

Taking photos of everything covered in snow for the blog.

Friday, February 5, 2021

Work break

Take a look at your office plant and pretend you're in tropical jungle. 

That was nice.

Ok, now back to work!

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

An Early Birthday Treat

I woke up this morning an icy, slushy mess. Not exactly my ideal commuting conditions. I shouldn't complain when the bus stop is right across the street. Our front steps were completely frozen over and I held on to the railing for dear life. I'm a klutz and if anyone is going to take a digger on some icy stairs it will be be. We safely made it to the bus stop and the bus was on time.

I spent most of my day at work on the phone with IT trying to figure out why our new copy machines aren't 3 hole punching. This is a feature we use often when we're preparing exhibit books for trial. I got assigned to someone new at the IT company and he had no idea what he was doing. It was very frustrating. So far we're going on two days of this and he managed to remove a feature that I use on the printer rather than solving the hole punching issue. I ended up sending an email to one of the IT managers asking if someone else can be assigned to help since I don't have the time to spend a third day on this. I had nicely suggested to new IT guy to ask for help from someone else in the company since this has been going on for two days but new IT guy brushed me off saying they would be having the same issues. At that point I sent the email asking for help from someone else.

After that frustrating day Derek and I had to shovel before everything freezes over tonight. It didn't take too long between the two of us but that snow was wet and heavy. I'm considering that my workout for the day. I'm thinking a snow blower might be purchased soon. Dinner was at least taken care of with leftover meatball stew. The perfect post-shoveling meal.

My birthday is on Thursday so I decided to treat myself to some early birthday gifts. Since I'm spending a lot more time at home and now have more room, I've been wanting to start doing puzzles again. I use to do them with my mom when I was younger and always loved it. We'd have a cup of tea and sit down at the puzzle table in the living room and work on a puzzle. Usually there was a cat or two in the way. My mom would leave a decoy box on the table to try to get them off the puzzle. She still has the same folding green table and still does puzzles. 

I picked out these two from Amazon.

The first puzzle just reminds me of where I wish I was. On a vacation in a colorful house overlooking the water. The second puzzle claims to have a magical mind-blowing twist ending. How could I not get it?

I also got myself a puzzle matt incase I need to move a puzzle I'm working on. Sadly I do not have a cat to sit in a box while I do a puzzle but maybe if I just leave a box hanging around a kitty will magically appear. Is that the magical mind-blowing twist ending? Automatic five stars if that's the case.

I got two new games as well for us to play at home. A card game called The Fox in the Forest and a game called Chronology where you try to guess where a historic event falls in your cards or "timeline". I like history so it should be a fun game for me. Derek is still on the fence about it but he'll play it.

So that's what I bought. Puzzles and games. I really know how to go all out.