Monday, September 26, 2016

I look like a leper

I have some eczema happening on my left leg near my ankle. I look like a leper. I guess I'm out of the world's sexiest ankle competition this year.

It actually feels like fall this morning. I had to wear a light jacket to work. My hair is also looking good because there's no humidity. I love this time of year despite the fact that the change in seasons is what's causing my leper leg.

Who is watching the debate tonight? It's going to be one for the ages I'm sure. I hope Trump flies off the handle and looks like the lunatic he is. There's a good chance of that happening since he gets pretty upset over facts.

I updated my photo blog. I only took two pictures from King Richard's Faire yesterday but I got pumpkin head! I don't know if that's his actual name but that's what I'm calling him.

Friday, September 23, 2016

The True Cost

I've been meaning to watch this documentary on Netflix for a while now and I finally got around to it.

I had no idea that it was this bad! I just bought some some tank tops from Forever 21 too. I never really thought that much about where my clothing came from. If I want something and it's a good price I buy it. I feel like I learned a lot from this documentary, not only about "fast fashion" but about GMO seeds and farming. All of it is quite scary.

The True Cost is on Netflix. If you watch it let me know what you think.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Performed my civic duty

I ended up getting picked to be a juror and had to serve for two days. The trial I had was an assault and battery on a police office. It was interesting but I'm glad it's over. My boss told me to expense the Ubers I took so that was a nice surprise.

American Horror Story premiered last night and I'm not quite sure the direction this season is heading in. So far it's like one of those shows where someone tells their story about a ghost encounter and actors reenact what happened, like Paranormal Witness. Will the whole season be like this? I hope not. I did like the premiere but I don't know how this format will work for 13 episodes. Will I keep watching? Of course!

For the record. If it ever starts raining teeth, I'm moving. No way am I staying anywhere that's raining human teeth.

Tonight I'm watching the Shawshank Redemption for the hundredth time while Bosco snoozes away on my lap. Derek just put our new coffee table together. It's more of a water table though since I don't really drink coffee. Ok I'm tired and making terrible jokes. Time to end this post now before things really go downhill.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Weekend report

I had a pretty fun filled weekend. Friday night I went to the Silhouette with Lil. The Sil is really growing on me despite being cash only. Great people watching and free popcorn. Hipsters are really entertaining to watch. Saturday night was Germana's birthday at Article 24. I was good and did not order french fries. I really need to stop it with the fried potato products. The night ended at the Last Drop (shocking). Today was the fashion swap at Katie's place. A few of us were on the struggle bus due to living it up at Germana's birthday the night before. We survived though with brunch foods and lots of water. I passed on the mimosas. I only took a few things but I like what I got. The point is for me to get rid of stuff, not come back with more.

I'm ending my Sunday night reading Empire of Storms and trying to mentally prepare myself for jury duty tomorrow. I'm already cranky about having to go.

Here's a picture of the wallpaper in the bathroom at Article 24. Although I would never use this in my house I thought it was pretty neat. The shoes are fuzzy.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Please don't send me to the hood

One of my co-workers is dressed in all white today and looks like Colonel Sanders. Just thought I would share that with you because I'm very amused by it.

I saw this cute little pup in line at Dunkin Donuts this morning. I could not handle the cuteness.

His owner turned around and said "what do you want little dude?"

I decided to contact Sweetgreen and let them know about my salad (see salad rant a few posts back) and they gave me a $10 account credit. Bring on the kale!

I find out this afternoon if I have to go to the hood for jury duty on Monday. I'm praying to baby Jesus, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Vishnu and anyone else who will listen that I don't have to go.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Things that make me cringe. Bloggers and the word tribe.

This isn't a new blogging trend but for some reason I've been noticing it a lot more lately. Bloggers or internet personalities that use the word tribe. "Welcome into the fold of our tribe!" "Join our tribe!" "All our welcome to our tribe!" Is this a blog or a cult? I don't want to be folded into anything that's not a blanket. I just keep picturing some blogger opening their arms wide saying "yes, you're in the fold now. Come into the fold. Join the tribe. ONE OF US. ONE OF US!" I'm all set thanks.

Now if you want to talk to me about Tibe hummus I'm all ears. That's some good stuff.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

How to ruin a salad

I know I'm posting twice today but I'm really getting screwed over in the food department here. I wanted a caesar salad for lunch so I decided to go to Sweetgreen despite the fact that their lines are ridiculously long, despite the fact that their salads are overpriced and despite the fact that you can't think straight because it's so loud and noisy. I really like the parmesan crisp croutons though. When I get up to the counter I tell them I want a kale caesar with no tomato and no lime squeeze. Lime juice does not belong in a caesar salad. I see the guy start to put the tomatoes in my salad and I'm trying to say NO TOMATO loud enough for him to hear me over the dumb music that does not need to be playing but of course he hears me too late so the salad guts dumped. Let's try this again. This time I get no tomatoes but I get a big old squeeze of lime. Nope, dump that one let's try AGAIN. This time the tomatoes are back in! We're on try #3 now. This is getting a bit ridiculous. I tell them it's fine I'll just pick them out. I'm too annoyed and hungry at this point. I pay for my salad and head out the door and that's when I notice there is no chicken in the salad! $*#&*@&*(@#*(!

I paid $10 to angrily eat lettuce and kale. At least they didn't forget the parmesan crisp croutons.