Tuesday, May 31, 2016

What is happening with the T lately?

Riddle me this Batman? Why will we be paying more money to ride the T come July when service is absolutely terrible? The trains have been painfully slow. At first I thought that maybe I just had a few slow drivers but this morning a driver got on the intercom and announced that the MBTA was making them go this slow. It seems the driver was frustrated as well. Then this evening my train got expressed so I had to get off and wait for the next one. This seems to happen every time I take the B line. I would have just walked it but I was lugging groceries and not in the mood to walk up the hill with groceries.

Can we get it together MBTA? Maybe allow the drivers to go faster than a crawl?

Monday, May 30, 2016

Drying off

We're back from camping. A little tired, a little sunburnt and very soggy. We had good weather for Saturday and Sunday but today we woke up to pouring rain. Packing up a tent in the rain is the worst. The tent is on the porch until we can dry it out.

We had a visitor to our camp site.

Don't mind me, just walking through. My what nice floats you have!
The turkey ignored us and went on his or her way and was not seen again.

Our air mattress bit the dust. We woke up with our butts touching the ground both mornings. I also forgot my pillow which was very upsetting. I made do but I was not happy about it. I have no one to blame but myself. As you can see, I don't really rough it when camping. I need my pillow and an air mattress. No sleeping on the ground for this princess. How do people do it?

Despite Princess Ginny not having her ideal sleeping situation we had a good time.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Let's get this long weekend started!

Our office is closing early today for the long weekend so of course the day is moving at a glacial pace. Derek and I are going camping in Plymouth. I bought new sleeping bags so we'll see how those hold up. There's a chance of rain Saturday night but the weather doesn't look to bad for the weekend. 

Bring on the campfire, the grilled meats and s'mores!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Maybe it's just me

But I got super emotional over the Beauty and the Beast teaser. The music alone gives me the feels.

Beauty and the Beast was the first movie I remember seeing in theaters. I was seven years old and my grandmother took me. I absolutely loved it. I've always loved reading and Belle did too so I could relate to her. Once the beast showed Belle his library I was like girl he is the one for you! 

Dan Stevens is the beast and I'm very pleased by this considering he abandoned us on Downton Abbey. How dare you Dan! You were my Downton eye candy! Emma Watson is Belle and I think she's wonderful in general so I'm very happy which is all that matters in the long run.

I read internet comments because I can't help myself and I have some rebuttals to people's complaints:

To those of you that are whining "Why does Belle have an English accent when they're in France!" Do you not remember that in the original both beast and Belle had American accents? At least until beast turned back into an actual man and then suddenly he has this thick French accent which was weird. Frankly I liked him better as the beast.

To those complaining about how "there better not be too much CGI!" What do you expect? Ian McKellen dressed up as a clock? There's going to be CGI and it will be fine.

To those bitching that the teaser trailer doesn't show anything. It's a TEASER. It's just supposed to give you a sneak peak before the actual trailer arrives.

Apparently I have to explain everything. Le sigh.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Hold the door!

I have been quite the social butterfly the past two weeks. It's been fun but I did have to say no to one invite because this extrovert needs a break once in a while.

Fiona and I have decided we need to go to the Silhouette more often. It's one of Allston's finest dives. The bartender accidentally spilled a bit of beer on my purse and she felt so bad she offered to take money off our bill. I assured her my Target purse was fine but she did it anyway. We tipped her good.

Please note the "Happy New Year" banner that is till up in the right hand corner.

One thing you should know about me is that I'm very observant. I'm constantly noticing the little things. This is how this photo came about. Someone left baseball cards on a stoop in a plastic baggie. I don't know why I find little things like this interesting. In a future post I shall tell you about the giving pole near my apartment. I just need some photos before I write the post.

Publick House with "the crew" last night after dinner in Fanieul Hall. Someone abandoned their beer in the bathroom. It was not me. My motto is no beer left behind!

Sunday aka Saturday part duex. I fully admit to crying during this last episode of Game of Thrones. HODOR! HOLD THE DOOR!

Fiona and I had this brilliant idea that we would bring McNuggets to Game of Thrones night. It went over very well. Let me tell you how the drive through went.

"yes can we get 40 chicken McNuggets"

"what kind of sauce do you want?"

"all of them!"

"Ok we only have two,"

"fine, that's fine"

"and then..."

It was almost Dude's Where's my Car.

We cut up the burgers to be "classy". McDonald's + cheese plate + wine = classy

Me + nuggets + wine + North of the Wall map = something...... Also I did not blow dry my hair so it's outta control!

So I'm getting married May 20th, 2017 and my best friend since 1997 is getting married a few months after me. So she asked me to be a bridesmaid via snapchat and of course I said yes! I'm so happy that we're both getting married the same year and get to experience this together. I'm not having bridesmaids as Derek and I decided not to go that route but if I did she would be my maid of honor. I feel a bit guilty for not having bridesmaids but we want our wedding to be low key. I still want my best ladies around me on my wedding day so I will invite them to my hotel room where I'll be getting ready. Germana and Andy are thinking of getting married at the Paine Estate in our home town. It's a beautiful location and also has a very personal meaning for me. My great grandparents met at the Paine Estate. My great grandmother was a maid there and my great grandfather was a chauffeur for a wealthy family the next town over. They met at he Paine Estate and fell in love and well I wouldn't be here if they never met. History is great!

Sunday is Game of Thrones night at Kerry and Doug's. This week's episode really hit you right in the feels! HODOR! Ugh I fully admit to crying. This season has been fantastic.

 Porch time. Derek and I may be losing a porch when we move but at least our friends have a porch,

Basically everyone's reaction after the last episode of Game of Thrones.

It's ok we have wine!

Ugh why Hodor WHY! This was a very emotional Game of Thrones Episode. HODOR.

Friday, May 20, 2016

The app that makes me feel old AF

Well folks it's finally happened. There's now an app that makes me feel really old. That app is snapchat. And I'm not alone! My friends have been like "well I do declare I surely can't figure out how to use this new fangled contraption the snapchat." When I first got snapchat I felt the same way. I was about ready to go up to a 13 year old and ask them to help an old lady out. I'd even throw in a Werther's Original candy for their time. The young folk like those I hear. Then I remembered google exists so that seemed like a better option than tracking down a tween.

So I taught myself snapchat and now I'm hip and down and cool and whatever other slang words are used these days. I also get to keep my Werther's Original candy.

So now that I know snapchat I can fool people into thinking I wear makeup or that I have the face of a cartoon dog. Awesome.

Snapchat has stirred up some controversy. The app has been accused of white washing with certain filters (see the flower crown filter that every single girl has been using except for me) and for black face (see the Bob Marley filter).

There's also articles on how to do your makeup like a snapchat filter. There's only NINE STEPS using FOURTEEN different products. Jesus I'm lucky if I find the time to put on chapstick. I'm lazy! Why would I do my makeup to look like a snapchat filter when I could just use the actual filter?

If you want to follow me on snapchat my user name is theginntastic. Someone actually took ginntastic from me. Can you believe it? So rude.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

When the Red Sox are away

Ginny and Derek go out to play at Yard House near Fenway.

Magic Hat #9 for me and Warsteiner for Derek. 

We avoid the Fenway area if there's a home game so you gotta take advantage when you can.

Tonight we eat pork chops and go to bed early.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

The best piƱatas

Include nips, candy and pencils.

Also note favorite polka dot dress.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Did you miss me?

Derek pointed out that I haven't been on social media or posting to my blog like I usually do and he's right. I've been keeping busy with non-internet things which is good.

We should be putting down the deposit for our wedding venue this week. I'm glad to have that settled. It also looks like we have an apartment. Our current apartment still hasn't been rented yet so people are still coming in and out to look at the apartment. I hate it but what can you do?

I've read two books recently, A Court of Mist and Fury (loved it) and Hidden Huntress (did not like it). They are both the second books in different series. A Court of Mist and Fury was better than the first book while Hidden Huntress went way downhill from book one. I'm going to try to break away from the YA genre for the next book I read. Or am I?.....I fully admit that I am a YA junkie.

I stayed over my mother's place on Saturday night for Mother's Day. We did some shopping and I met her neighbor Tiffany who is afraid to swear in front of me because "you look like you're 20 years old!" I will take the compliment. I may look young but I don't think I could pass for 20 anymore.

Derek and I went out last night for dinner and listened to some live Irish music and witnessed a young woman and a much much older man canoodling at the bar. I snapchatted it of course because I'm a horrible person but at least I admit it.

I'll try to be better about updating here. I can't let down "my fans".