Friday, January 30, 2015

HELP I'm dreaming about selfies

The other night I had a dream that I was standing in a bathroom mirror in my underwear trying to get a good butt shot. I got the perfect shot and then I posted it on instagram for the world to see (no filter because perfection doesn't need it). When I woke up I had a brief moment of panic before I realized that I was dreaming, I did not take a butt selfie and post it on instagram. I think Kim Kardashian is incepting my dreams.

I will not be posting a butt selfie ever unless you pay me one million dollars. So don't ask unless you can pay up.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

I have a horrible super power

I have a super power but it's a horrible one.

I attract bees.

I do not attract bees in a nice Snow White way. They're not flying up to me and offering me honey and sitting peacefully on my outstretched hand, no they are out to get me.

When I was a kid almost every time I ran through a sprinkler I'd get stung. One time I stepped on a bee and then when my mom had me sit down on a bench so she could look at the sting I sat on a bee. I mean come on! How does that even happen?

Another time I took a sip of my drink through a straw and felt something weird in my mouth. I spit out a bee. I'm still not over this incident.

I was swimming underwater in a pool and the second I came up for a breath a bee stung me.

It was winter and I was sitting on my mom's bed and a bee came out of nowhere and stung me. Where did you come from? It's winter!

I went to open a window in my closet (my closet had a window when I was a kid) and I put my hand down on a bee. This happened more than once with many different windows.

The worst was when my shack got attacked by wasps at my overnight camp. A wasp flew up my shorts and kept stinging me. I ripped my clothes off and ran but it was dark so I fell and then I threw up from the adrenaline/being stung so many times.

I can usually tell when I'm going to be stung. Like right before it happens I just get this feeling and I know but I can't stop it.

I would wish death on all the bees but we kind of need them around and I do like honey.

Ok so I just googled to find out how bees die after they sting you and basically they rip their abdomen open. You guys I'm not worth ripping yourself open for!

Also I can't stop staring at this picture. Why!!!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Is pottery dead?

Remember when everyone did pottery? For Christmas you'd get some glazed mug or ashtray that Aunt Judy made. I'm pretty sure it was a thing at one point. The peak of the everyone make their own crappy pottery movement was probably when Demi Moore made ghost pottery with Patrick Swayze. That was a shining moment for pottery. Who knew making pottery could be so sexy?

I suspect the hipsters will bring pottery back once they get tired of knitting.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

This is probably why I don't like lobster

When I was five years old my father brought home a lobster and let my brother and I play with it on the kitchen floor. I was pretty upset when I discovered my "new pet" was dinner. My mother was pretty mad at my father for that one.

There's no quiet way to eat Cheetos

I'm working from home today because we're snowed in and by working from home I mean I finished watching the first season of Broad City and looked out my window saying "I don't want to shovel". It's hard work being this lazy.

Derek actually had a "work" conference call this morning so I politely put in my headphones when I was watching Broad City. After my breakfast salad (don't ask) I starting eating some Cheetos. Might as well round out that breakfast, and technically it was brunch since it was almost noon. I tried very hard to eat the Cheetos quietly. I was chewing with my mouth closed with headphones in so for me it sounded like chainsaws but it should have been quiet for everyone else. Keep in mind that the office is off of the living room so I wasn't like sitting three feet away eating Cheetos.

When Derek finished his conference call he told me that I was eating my Cheetos very loudly. In my defense he had the office door open and I was trying to eating them quietly. In conclusion there is no quiet way to eat Cheetos and Derek has sensitive ears.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Pardon me while I drool over your ice cream that I can't eat

I made the brave decision to go to the supermarket after work to buy some snack items to hold us over during the blizzard. There was not a veggie in sight so I had no choice but to get Cheetos.

The meteorologists are estimating anywhere between 2-3 feet of snow and that means people must buy all the things.

I was waiting in one of the very long checkout lines that just happened to wind all the way back to the frozen food isle. A women excuses herself and opens a freezer door pulling out a delicious looking chocolate chip ice cream. I wanted that ice cream so bad. Chocolate is one of my biggest IC (interstitial cystitis) trigger foods. Normally I can satisfy my sweet tooth without chocolate but today I just really really wanted the chocolate. People ask me if it would be worth it to just give in once in a while. That chocolate would have me up all night peeing. I lose sleep and if I'm working it's hard for me to concentrate because you constantly have that urge to pee on top of being exhausted. Sometimes a flare can last for days so it's just not worth it.

I know I'm not the only person in the world with food restrictions. I will not die if I eat chocolate as it's not a food allergy, so I should consider myself lucky in that respect. I still get to complain on my blog though.

So no chocolate chip ice cream for me, but luckily I can drink beer, and since I don't have to work tomorrow due to the blizzard I'm relaxing with a Bud Light and the Bachelor.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Taking stims on a whim and forgetting about it

Derek didn't tell me he made me a character in the video game he was playing.

It's hard to read but I have memory lapses and take stimulants on a whim (I don't even drink coffee). Also my age is listed as 31 when I still have two weeks left of being 30. At some point I turned into a zombie. I'm going to play Oregon Trail and we'll see how many days I wait when he gets bit by a snake.

Last night I went out with some lady friends to a Chippendales show. I couldn't see very well because I'm short and girls apparently like to wear high ponytails and hold up their phone for the entire show. We had fun though. There was an older woman sitting in the second row with a knitted red beret. When the show was over and everyone was leaving she just sat there not moving. I wanted to know what she was thinking.

Dressing up to go out when it's snowy and slushy can be a challenge. I tend to go more towards the practical. Fun up top and dry feet on the bottom.

Winter is sexy right?

This top has become my new night out top. I have it in red too. I need to find a couple more tops that I like so I don't look like a trash bag when I hit the town. I'm all about the lace right now.

We're getting hit with a "HISTORIC" blizzard starting Monday night. We're getting possibly two feet of snow which is nothing new. The news folk just like to amp it up to 100 when there's a blizzard coming. I just want a day off work. I have plenty of books and netflix lined up.

What I'm listening to right now:

Can't wait for Gwen's new solor album.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

My first acupuncture appointment

I woke up this morning to snow! We've barely had any snow this winter in Boston. The snow has stopped now but people were out building snowmen and shoveling this morning.

This snowman looks very pleased. I love his leaf hair.

I had my first acupuncture appointment this morning at Acupuncture for Everyone in Copley. A friend recommended the place to me. You pay what you can for your appointment so it is very affordable (I believe the minimum amount is $20.00). I paid $45.00 for my first visit (the sliding scale is higher for the first visit but I think the minimum is $30.00). I sat outside the acupuncture room and spoke with Anne about my medical issues. My main reason for going is for my interstitial cystitis. She asked me questions and then explained what points she thought would be good for me. Apparently I have too much "heat".

The acupuncture room is very calm and relaxing. There are four reclining chairs so you might be in the room with someone else receiving treatment. I had one other person in the room with me. It didn't bother me though. Anne told me to let her know if any of the needles bothered me and asked me how long I wanted my treatment to be. I went with 25 minutes for the first time since that is the minimum amount she recommended. The needles were not painful. The needle I "felt" the most was one in the middle of my forehead. When I tried to close my eyes I could feel my eyelids twitching. It stopped after a few minutes. My arms and legs felt heavy and tingly. It wasn't a bad feeling and to me that means that something was happening.

I had one needle on my face, three on my arms and a few on my lower legs and feet. Most of them I didn't even feel going in.

Acupuncture is something you need to keep doing. You're not going to leave after one treatment "cured". I'm definitely going to continue and see if my cystitis improves.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Can we talk more about how Twin Peaks is returning and less about deflate-gate?

Did you hear about the blogger in Saudi Arabia who was sentenced to 10 years in prison and 1000 lashes? The blogger "questioned the integrity" of government officials. 1000 lashes! I just can't even wrap my head around that.

Twitter and facebook has been blowing up about the Patriots and "deflate-gate". I'm not really a big sports person but I'm going to support the home team. I hate sore losers. People are acting like Bill Belichick murdered someone. Why is this getting as much coverage as when Ray Rice assaulted his wife?

Tomorrow I have my first acupuncture appointment. I'm trying it out to see if it will help with my cystitis. I've been feeling better but I still want to give it a try. I'm not afraid of needles but I'm still a bit nervous because I don't know what to expect. Where do the needles go? I think the bladder and kidney points are mostly on your feet so I better paint my nails and make my feet look good.

I think this weekend I'm finally going to finish Twin Peaks. Did you know there will be new episodes in 2016 on Showtime! David Lynch is directing and Kyle MacLachlan is returning as Special Agent Dale Cooper. I need to befriend someone who has Showtime by 2016.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Finding the perfect sunnies

If I buy new sunglasses summer has to come quicker right?

I seem to have become very particular about my sunglasses. They either look horrible on me or they look good but aren't comfortable. I don't remember this being an issue before but lately I'm like the princess and the pea with sunglasses.

I've come to accept that certain shades just don't work with my face. I can't wear aviators, really round frames or gigantic frames. I look like a 12 year old playing dress up and they just don't work with my face shape which is somewhere between round and oval so roval? Yes I have a roval face shape.

I sometimes forget that you need sunglasses year round especially if there's snow on the ground. I lost my favorite pair of sunglasses a few weeks ago so when I went shopping at Kohl's this weekend I decided it was time to buy a new pair. I probably tried on about 10 pairs before I found these made by ELLE. I'll pay $30.00 to be able to see when I drive and look good.

One tip when shopping for sunglasses - tilt your head up down and all around. I've had a few pairs of sunglasses that I thought were great until I looked down and they were sliding down my nose. No good I tell you.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What is dream Ginny up to?

I've decided on days that I don't have anything to blog about I'll post about the best part of my day. It won't always be easy because I can be a bit moody on the crap days, but I'm going to give it a whirl as they say. (ok no one says that but let me amuse myself)

Today a friend of mine who lives halfway across the country posted on my Facebook wall that she had a dream about me. It was a silly dream involving a trip to Wahlburgers, which was a place I took her to when she visited last spring. 

Is it weird that I enjoy when someone shares a dream they had about me? I like to know what dream Ginny is up to and it's no surprise that it involves burgers. It's also nice to know a friend was thinking of me.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Time traveling in the mall

It's fun when you find a mall that still thinks it's 1992

Notice the lovely "fake snow" on the fake poinsettia.

A dollar store find. Grandpa's love horses and dogs.

Not pictured - a RadioShack where you can buy yourself a Sony Walkman

Sunday, January 18, 2015

15 DIEgrees

It was freezing here yesterday. People were dropping like flies!

Today it's going to be in the 40s so maybe the skellies will finally get their tan. 

Am I underdressed?

I went to White Horse Friday night and I thought I was looking good until Macklemore showed up. I can't compete with a fur coat.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Mutant pine cones

This conifer cone is bigger than my foot; and I have big feet! I would have put my foot next to it for side by side comparison but the doorman at the hotel was already looking at me funny for taking a picture of a pine cone. Don't you know I'm a blarger and you have mutant pine cones?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Monday, January 12, 2015

Thanks for the warning

I almost fell for it.

Not just for cat lady decoration

I have found a use for my cute kitty tin!

Put the quarters for the laundry in it. Much better than all over the coffee table.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Beer vs. Beer

One is small and one is large.

Ah but who had the higher percentage? Me! 8.5%

I think we're being watched

I buttered that cornbread reeeal good.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Thailand mail

Is way cuter than US mail.

Just look at this elephant family on their postage!

If you're wondering what I ordered.

A Sailor Moon *t-shirt from etsy. Come on spring, I'm ready for you.

*Thank you LL Cool Joe for pointing out that I typed t-shit!

Ginny. The blue period

Artist unknown because I found this on the side of a building.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

How can you resist?

A cutie like this!

Always check a secondhand book

Looks like it's in good condition.

Let's take a peek inside.

Handwritten cliff notes!

I can't wait to read about Boswell buying lots of cheese.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Ouija ring worked!

Last night I found a ghost in my beer!

And a dinosaur?.....

Things are getting a little weird with this ring.

Thrift store finds

I went to the thrift store the other day looking for a sweater. I didn't actually find a sweater but I did find other fun things.

I dunno I liked the cover and the title. It's also "Highly recommended!" by Robin Hobb (whoever that is)

Hand crafted mug!

Thank you EH for your lovely work.

I did not buy this item but I had to take a picture.

What is happening here?

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Do you even Ouija?

What's in the pretty bag?

A Ouija ring! Now I can ghost chat on the go.

I may have gone a little crazy on Etsy recently. More to come....

Monday, January 5, 2015

Sunday, January 4, 2015

There's a ring in my candle

Well that was fun. 

The ring isn't worth a thing but the candle smells good.

Defy by Sara B. Larson: Everyone knows you're a girl!

I've finished my first book of 2015!

Defy is a YA novel that's very heavy on the romance. On the Twilight eye roll scale it's like an 8 out of 10. I knew this going into Defy so I was prepared.

Alexa's parents are killed in a fire by a powerful dark sorcerer. Alexa's twin brother Marcel come up with a plan to save Alexa from being thrown into the breeding houses. They're going to Arya Stark this and cut off Alexa's hair and pretend she's a boy so they can join the king's army. Sounds better than a breeding house to me.

So flash forward a few years later and Alexa goes by Alex, is wrapping up her boobs and is the best fighter in the prince's personal guard with her brother. The king is an evil son of a bitch and the king's son Damien acts like a spoiled brat. Ah but it's all a ruse my friends. I mean a prince that hot couldn't be bad right? The other love interest is another guard named Rylan.

It was pretty obvious to me that everyone pretty much knew Alex was actually a girl. Each time someone reveals they know she's a girl Alexa is all "how did you know!!!" Apparently even with her haircut she's too feminine looking and Alexa is the only one who can't figure this out. The best part is when she whines to the prince "you had your shirt off around me and you knew I was girl?"

Alexa, Rylan and the prince are kidnapped and they trek through the jungle for weeks. All three are forced to sleep in a small tent together where they're gasp touching!

There is so much blushing happening in this book. If I turned it into a drinking game I would have been wasted after one chapter. If Alexa isn't blushing she's tilting her head back and staring into someone's eyes.

They're both so dreamy and strong.

Alexa does tell one suitor that she's in love with the other so she's not trying to lead the poor sap on. It was pretty clear to me who she was really interested in. Of course the two love birds can't be together by the end of the book because then what romantic struggle would be left for book two?!

The plot was much more interesting when the romance took a back seat. There were many opportunities for better world building but that was put aside to fit in more blushing and kissing.

I probably would have really loved this book when I was sixteen. As a thirty year old I'm left imagining ways the story could have been improved.

I'll give defy a 4.5 out of 10.

I'll probably read the next book once it's not $9.99 on my Kindle! I could buy the paperback copy for that price. Get it together Amazon.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Reign is horrible and I love it

I finally started watching the CW drama Reign. I was firmly in the hell no this will be horrible camp until I found out that Megan Follows aka Anne (with an E thank you very much) of Green Gables is on the show!

Anne is my childhood kindred spirit. I was a very dramatic child and if you've seen or read Anne of Green Gables that was basically me as a child.

So I came to Reign for Megan Follows and stuck around for the pretty things and the DRAMA.

I went into Reign fully expecting it to be very historically inaccurate and I was right. The clothing and hairstyles are what girls today might wear to prom. 

Is this the best prom ever guys?

The names are very CW. I mean come on, no one was named Lola in the 1500s!! 

It's basically trash tv and it's great. Who is the girl running around with a sack over her head? Will Mary and Francis learn to love each other or will she fall for the handsome Bash (that would be Francis' bastard half brother who never existed in real life). I'm team Mash by the way (Mary + Bash).

While I was searching for images from this show I came upon a Tudors fansite bashing the show. I think the person who wrote it had all good points but then I started reading the comments and wow people are flat out calling this show treason and saying it should be banned for "defaming our Queen!" I just don't take a CW show that seriously. If this was on the history channel I would be a bit concerned but it's on a network known for Gossip Girl and the Vampire Diaries.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Your ruined it! Now I can't read it.

Has anyone ever ruined a book for you? With a popular book the only way to avoid this happening is to basically avoid social media.

When the last book in the Divergent Trilogy was released I stayed off tumblr and twitter just in case. The book was not ruined by the internets though but by a co-worker. I was minding my own business in the kitchen when a co-worker told me her daughter was upset by the end of the book because INSERT MASSIVE SPOILER THAT MADE ME NOT EVER WANT TO FINISH THIS SERIES. I couldn't stop her, it was early in the morning and my brain and mouth could not work together fast enough.

I still have not read Allegiant and I probably won't see the last two movies until I read the book (because of course they're splitting it into two movies to make more cash money). It's not just because I know of something huge that happens it's also because I'm really pissed at what happens. Damn you Veronica Roth.

I'll probably read the book eventually just to finish off the series but it just won't be the same.

Let's not forget one of the biggest spoilers of all time. I somehow managed to avoid having Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince spoiled.