Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Vacation advice

So far Boston has had a pretty chilly and wet spring. I hesitate to even call it spring because it's been too cold for my liking. Early tomorrow morning I'm escaping the chilly New England weather and heading to the warm island of St. Thomas. Our flight leaves really early and Derek isn't too thrilled at how early I'm having the cab come but I like to be at the airport way before my flight.

I've never been to the Virgin Islands and I can't wait to relax and eat and explore. Everyone has been giving me great tips such as:

"If you swim with the turtles make sure you don't swim behind them because turtle poop."

Thank you for that one mom.

"Don't go near any cliffs or go scuba diving because I've seen those shows where someone kills their spouse for the life insurance money."

I pointed out that I'm not married and Derek is not the beneficiary of my life insurance policy.

"Ginny, people get life insurance polices on people all the time and they don't even know it!"

Lucky for me I'm scared of scuba diving.

"Two words rum punch."

That is very good advice.

I'll return with lots of pictures and probably a sunburn. I don't think any amount of sunblock can protect vampire skin.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Mini day trip - Sleepwalker sculpture and Wahlburgers

Today I took Monica on a mini road trip outside of Boston.

Back in February I told her about the Sleepwalker sculpture at Wellesley College and we decided we should check it out when she came. Apparently there is some controversy over the sculpture due to it being a man in his underwear in the middle of a women's college campus. 

It took a bit of driving around the campus to find it and then once we found it we had to figure out where we could park. Apparently we came during an open house so there were a lot of people exploring the campus. The campus is quite pretty and had a bit of a wooded rural feel to it.

The Sleepwalker does seems a bit out of place when you consider the rest of the campus. You certainly won't miss it.

A little too realistic. Sorry but I have to share the creepiness.

A meeting of two sleepwalkers, although I don't sleepwalk as much anymore.

Monica and the Sleepwalker

After taking our creepy photos we hit the road towards Hingham to go to Wahlburgers which is owned by Paul Wahlberg, older brother of Donnie and Mark Wahlberg.

Since the realty tv show Wahlburgers started airing the restaurant has become very busy. I've heard you can expect a two hour wait if you try to go during the weekend. On a Monday afternoon we had no problem getting service. The only wait was for the woman ahead of us who had to ask twenty questions. It's a burger joint lady, it's not that complicated.

The burger was good but we both ordered ours medium well and they were both very pink, barley even medium. We ate them anyways, not a big deal but next time I'll order well done. I would say it was an average burger - not the best I've had but not the worst. The burger sauce was the best part of the burger for me.

After our burger eating we headed over to Beer Works and had a really tasty blueberry beer then home for a quick nap before another round of trivia, this time at Harry's.

It's back to work for me tomorrow while Monica explores the city on her own. I'm writing detailed T directions for her.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

And I only broke two nails

Yesterday was a fairly lazy Saturday. I got up for a bit and then took a nap. After my nap I headed over to AutoZone to get some new wiper blades for my car. I managed to only break two nails trying to get the old blades off. I considered getting Derek for help but managed to get it done myself.

After taking care of my broken thumb nails we headed over to Sunset for dinner. Fiona and her roommate met up with us after we ate since they were across the street experiencing the deliciousness of BonChon for the first time.

Fiona's roommate Katie ordered a drink called the Rum Jungle. I believe it contained coconut rum, pineapple juice, pomegranate juice and ginger ale.

Katie trying to listen to a song and drink the Rum Jungle.

Fiona and I decided to order our own Rum Jungles. The first round of drinks was missing pineapple juice so we sent it back, which I hate to do, but it came out much better the second time.

Fiona and I showed off our cherry stem tying skills.

We had a fun time and I'm proud to say my cherry stem tying skills are improving.

My stealth photography skills at work. Derek never knows when I take a photo of him until it goes up on the blog.

This morning Derek and I visited my mom's boyfriend Tony who is in the hospital after back surgery. He seems to be doing good. Some of his old work friends stopped by and were pretty funny cracking jokes and making all of us laugh. I really hope the back surgery helps him.

Monica was up in Maine for the weekend with a friend but she comes back tonight. I'm making her a classic Ginny dish which Derek won't eat - homemade mac and cheese. Who doesn't like mac and cheese? Crazy people I tell you.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Better Than Ezra at the Paradise

When Monica was planning her trip to Boston she asked me if I wanted to see Better Than Ezra with her. I said of course because I love 90s music.

The show was at the Paradise which is one of my favorite venues in Boston. It's small enough to provide an intimate feel but you have a bit of room to move around. We hung out up on the balcony. There was no line at the two bars on the balcony. That's my little tip for you.

The opening act was a little too mellow but Better Than Ezra was pretty good. They incorporated some popular songs into their set as well. I really liked the transition from one of their songs into Royals.

There was one aggravating part of the night when two middle aged men started to get into a fight. Apparently this guy was "standing in his spot" so the other guy shoved him back into the wall practically throwing him on me. Let's just say I had a few choice words for the shover. I have no tolerance for that BS. I was close to alerting security but they ended up stopping before I could flag someone down.

Who knew 90s concerts could get so rowdy.

Thursday, April 24, 2014


Yesterday my family got a little bigger with the birth of my niece Caroline Jane.

She's so cute, I can't stand it.

My brother was working very hard waiting for baby Caroline to arrive.

According to him he can play Candy Crush in his sleep.

Mom and baby are doing great. I wish I could have been there to meet baby Caroline and see her big brother Hunter. I miss having my brother nearby. A visit will be planned soon though.

Another arrival yesterday was my friend Monica who is visiting from Colorado. Monica and I have been friends since high school. We met online through a message board I used to run. I haven't seen her since 2007 so a visit was long overdue.

After a little confusion on the T Monica made it from the airport to my work. Boston public transit can be confusing if you're not familiar with it. I let her decide what she wanted to do for the night and she decided we should play trivia at a local bar. Monica is a big fan of trivia and is way better than I am. I didn't do too bad on a category about painters while Derek did pretty good with ancient Greece.

Monica won a free beer and a magnetic bumper sticker.

We didn't come in first but we didn't do too bad either. After trivia Monica wanted to check out the beer selection at Sunset after Derek and I told her about their massive beer list. She's a big fan of sour beers and I knew Sunset would have a few different options to try. I stuck to one of my favorites, Raspberry UFO. I'm not a fan of sour beers and confirmed this was still true after trying a sip of hers.

Here we are at Sunset last night.

Here we are 7 years ago in Kansas.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Administrative Professionals' Day

Today is Administrative Professionals' Day. If you're new around these parts I'm a legal assistant. You can call me a secretary, that's ok. I enjoy my job and I know that my duties extend beyond getting coffee. Our firm is small so the assistants handle much of the work that would normally go to a paralegal. Over the years I think I've gotten pretty good at drafting pleadings and letters. The firm is buying the assistants lunch today as a thank you and I got an Amazon gift card from one of my bosses. My kindle and I will put that gift card to good use.

In honor of Administrative Professionals' Day I'd like to give a shout out to one of my favorite fictional secretaries - Joan Holloway from Mad Men.

I love that Joan is respected and relied upon by everyone in the office. She's not without her faults but she is no pushover. I wish I could pull off her wardrobe but I don't quite have the figure for it. Maybe I could try the pen necklace? I'd probably look ridiculous but it would be nice to always have a pen handy.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Marathon Monday recap: bullhorns, flag pants and a drunk bartender.

Yesterday was one of my favorite events in Boston - Marathon Monday. It's also one of the biggest drinking days in Boston. My neighbors were up and yelling and drinking by 8:15 in the morning. Waaaaaay too early. There was a bullhorn involved and pants with an American flag print, and I almost murdered someone.

I waited until noon to start because I can't have a liquid breakfast. I also don't own tacky American flag pants or a bullhorn which must be a requirement for morning drinking.

I've been going out in Washington Square to cheer on runners on for the past few years and continued that tradition this year. And by cheer on I mean drink beer and yell "woooooooooooo!"

We tried to make it across the street to get to Washington Square Tavern but there were so many runners this year we couldn't find a safe way to make it across. The last thing I'd want is to take out a runner because I had to get to a bar.

We ended up at Barcelona where we managed to snag a seat outside. It took us forever to get drinks. I can understand a wait because it's Marathon Monday but I feel like the restaurant did not prepare for the amount of people. It's the Marathon and you're a bar on the marathon route, all hands on deck folks.

One of the bartenders was clearly drunk and the other bartender had to tell him multiple times where he needed to start take drink orders. There were glasses breaking and confusion. We nicked named drunk bartender "the bro". A few winks and sexual innuendos later we finally got our drinks. I think he said something like "I didn't forget about you guys, this is just the tip and it's gonna feel good once it's all in." Ugh.

I should have worn sunblock and did not so now my arms are burnt. I did have sunblock on my face though but my freckles are out in full force.

Despite the look on Derek's face this is water. Marathon drinking requires lots of water.

My co-worker Kerri came out. She will probably hate me today. 

I made it until about 6 pm and then I had to go. Too much beer and sun and not enough water. At least I know my limits.

I have a busy week ahead. My friend Monica is visiting and I have to get ready for St. Thomas next week. I am so excited for this vacation. Let's hope my sunburn heals in time.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The great Easter freak out

I was a very dramatic child. I refused to believe it for a long time but I have finally admitted that it's true. My mother would often say things like "you should be an actress because that was quite the performance". This was usually when I didn't want to do dishes (my most hated chore) and faked ailments such as my earlobe hurting.

When I was a child I loved stuffed animals. I barely had any room on my bed because I had all my stuffed animals piled in bed with me and sometimes a real live cat or two. Every Easter the Easter Bunny would put a stuffed animal in my Easter basket. Forget the chocolate, the plastic eggs and the bubbles - I wanted a new stuffed animal. One year my mother decided to skip out on the stuffed animal and I had a full on melt down.

My mother felt horrible. She tried to give me this bunny toy she had gotten for the cats but I was having none of it because it was not "mine". You would think that at some point I would have gotten over it and eaten some candy but no. I was upset and crying for the whole day. My mother called it the ambulance cry because it sounded like the sound an ambulance would make. 

I'm pretty sure that cry inspired the phrase "call the whambulance".

My mother got me a stuffed animal the next day and all was well in the world. She never left out a stuffed animal again.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

High heels are the devil Bobby Boucher

High heels are the devil. I love the way I look in them but within minutes my feet are killing me and I start thinking about my converse.

I hadn't worn heels in months but last night was ladies night and I really wanted to wear a pair of heels to class it up a bit. I dug out my red pair of heels from the back of my closet (Payless, of course, because I'm one classy but cheap lady). I bought them because they were cute and called "Comfort Plus". Good marketing ploy Payless.

I put on my red heels and thought "I can totally do this! This isn't so bad". I took off for the T and my feet were holding up pretty well. I then remembered that the Government Station T stop is closed so I'd have to walk from Park Street to Faniuel Hall. It's about a 5 minute walk which isn't too bad - except that I forgot about the bricks and cobblestones. My heels kept getting caught and I was trying very hard not to face plant.

I finally made it to Ned Devine's but at that point my feet were already starting to bother me. Clearly I needed to start drinking. I put back two Bud Lights and now it was time to dance! Ok, more like wobble back and forth because moving my feet hurt too much. The cover band was pretty good which helped take my mind off of my feet.

When the band would break all of us ladies would hobble over to the other room and sit for a minute. I was dragging myself around Quasimodo style but I was a trooper.

By the end of the night we were DONE. Once outside my friends took off their heels. I was not giving up! I would hobble to the T like a real woman! Pain is beauty!!!

Just kidding. I really just didn't want my bare feet touching the city streets. I was dying for a pair of comfy shoes. I made it through the cobblestone and brick obstacle course and got a seat on the train. Thank you sweet baby Jesus!

My feet are still hurting today. The heels are going back into the closet until I forget how much they hurt and do this all over again.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Allston Rock City living: Come join the drunk parade.

I live in a part of Boston known as Allston. I have a love hate relationship with Allston. I love being close to the T and bars and restaurants. I hate the drunk college student parade that occurs on my street Thursday through Saturday night and I hate my neighbors.

Here's what living in Allston has been like so far.

+ I'm pretty sure no one in my building speaks English or they hate me or both. I try and say hello and I get the Kimmy-Jin look.

 photo kimmy-jin_zps74a542a2.gif

+ The people in my building like to complain to property management about noise. Have you looked outside your window? There's a drunk undergrad parade happening up and down our street.

+ Speaking of the drunk undergrad parade there's vomiting, trying to walk with your pants around your ankles, peeing on things, kicking off car mirrors and you have to shout everything as loud as you can. Bring the kids, it's a fun time.

+ My neighbors to the left like to sit in the front yard in a kiddie pool and drink when it's nice out. I want to be friends with them.

+ I've gotten used to the rats. I used to freak out when one would run by but now it's no big deal. I sometimes forget this when people come and visit.

"Um I think I saw a rat run by outside."

"Oh you definitely did."

+ There's a swastika in the basement. I mean really?! What is wrong with people.

+ A house a few doors down got teepeed and the people who live there just left it until the toilet paper disintegrated. I applaud your laziness.

Despite my complaining Allston is certainly an interesting place to live. I don't know if I could ever trade city life for the sticks.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Don't worry my sleep walking is not a problem, yet...

In case you didn't know, I am a sleepwalker. I've only been told what I do in my sleep and quite frankly I am way more productive while sleepwalking than I ever am awake - or so I've been told because I can't remember anything I do.

The other night I was tossing and turning due to being hot as all hell. I woke up many times sweating and it's not even summer. Welcome to the life of "living above the boilers" aka it's freaking hot all the time.

Derek is very sweet and asks me how I slept over google chat because he usually leaves before me in the morning. Usually I respond with "ok" but this time I laid down some truth. I was HOT. Yes capital HOT and thus did not sleep well.

Derek then said "well the bedroom window was open a crack".

This lead me to believe that I opened the window in my sleep. This is a completely rational thought considering that I am a sleepwalker and was thinking about opening the window.

me: so wait, did I open the window in my sleep?

Derek: no, I opened it before we went to bed - just a crack.

me: oh thank God because I thought I opened it in my sleep. You know you could have totally acted like I did open the window and I wouldn't have known.

Derek: yea but I only like to mess with you when it's really funny.

Thank you Derek. My sleepwalking is hilarious BTW and if it's not hilarious it's at least Paranormal Activity level frightening (still sorry Germana). You could have convinced me that I opened the window and I would have believed it. Hey, at least I no longer wander outside to check out dinosaur bones or set up a sleeping area on the floor for ghosts imaginary people. Although if you want to see some sleepwalking parlor tricks just give me Dimetapp. I promise hilarious results.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Foot in mouth - the Jewish edition

I am very good at inserting my foot in my mouth. Before you get excited I don’t mean that literally. I have size 9 feet and my mouth is not that big, plus gross. Sometimes I just get the urge to say something and it’s usually right near someone who would be offended by it.

The most recent example was at a restaurant having dinner and drinks. Derek said something and in the silence that followed I randomly said “mozal tov!” and raised my glass to him. It really made no sense to say it but I said it anyways.

Derek then says: oh so you looked behind you.

Me: No, why?

Derek: Because there is a table full of Jewish people behind you.

Me: Oh God really?

Oh yes there was. All the men at the table were wearing yamakas. No one heard me but what if they did and they thought I was making fun of them? I am a giant bundle of anxiety when there’s even a chance that I might have offended someone. (Unless you are an actual ass and deserve it).

I really need to think (and look) before I speak. It will probably never happen but at least that means more blog fodder for the future.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Weekend love - spring and SunChips edition

What I loved this weekend

+ beautiful spring weather

+ Harvest Cheddar SunChips

+ watching the last season of Mad Men which is finally on Netflix instant

+ really tasty salmon at Hops N Scotch in Brookline

+ the fact that I ordered salmon instead of a burger (must do more often)

+ Magic Hat #9 on tap

+ reading (The Book Thief)

+ reading about the Dalai Lama

+ relaxing Sunday watching more Mad Men

The Dalai Lama's advice on peace practice

1. Spend 5 minutes at the beginning of each day remembering we all want the same things (to be happy and to be loved) and we are all connected to one another.

2. Spend 5 minutes breathing in cherishing yourself, and breathing out cherishing others. If you think about people you have difficulty cherishing, extend your cherishing to them anyway.

3. During the day extend that attitude to everyone you meet. Practice cherishing the "simplest" person (clerks, attendants, etc.) as well as the "important" people in your life, cherish the people you love and the people you dislike.

4. Continue this practice no matter what happens or what anyone does to you. These thoughts are very simple, inspiring and helpful. The practice of cherishing can be taken very deep if done wordlessly, allowing yourself to feel the love and appreciation that already exists in your heart.

Will you commit to creating Peace in yourself and thereby "On Earth" by spending 10 minutes a day with this simple meditation? Peace on Earth, Good will To All.


I had a bad dream last night that left me feeling resentful towards someone. The funny thing is I haven't seen this person in years but obviously I still harbor some resentment. I saw this on facebook this morning almost right after I woke up. I think the universe is trying to tell me something and I'm listening.

Friday, April 11, 2014

What did you do with Daario Naharis Game of Thrones

Derek and I were watching Game of Thrones and we were really confused.

Derek: "Wait who on earth is this guy, did we miss something?"

Me: "I have no idea. Who on earth is that? What happened to the hot guy?"

Derek: "The hot guy?"

Me: "YES the hot guy!"

Derek: "I think they replaced the other actor."

Me: "They can't do that! I want the hot guy!"

The hot guy I was referring to is Ed Skrein who is sadly no longer playing  Daario Naharis.

Apparently he left the show to star in a Transporter movie as a younger Jason Statham.

I am very upset about this. This is almost as bad as when they changed the actor who played Ethan on Passions.

The new Daario is played by Michael Huisman.

He just doesn't have the same charisma. He most definitely does not have the beautiful hair.

I'm mad at you Ed Skrein. Not only did you leave GOT but if you're playing a younger Jason Statham you will have to shave off your lovely hair!

Anyone feel like sulking with me?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Gown ups only night at the Children's Museum

Things I did at the Children's Museum last night

+ Blew bubbles in the bubble room.

+ Learned about what to expect in kindergarten

+ Got a bunch of people to sit on tiny chairs that looked like they did something. They did nothing so let's just sit on tiny chairs with strangers and drink beer.

+ Got my face painted.

+ Played "dodge ball" on the light up floor.

+ Attempted to climb a mini rock wall (it's a lot harder than it looks!)

+ Learned about "riding the bus" to school. Fiona's driving was out of control! She's not even looking at the pretend road.

+ Toured an authentic Japanese house.

We had so much fun. I think the dodge ball game on the light up floor was my favorite part followed closely by the Japanese house.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Goodbye Frisco

I'm a big fan of the blog Honey Rock Dawn. I love Shreve's photos and reading all her stories about the animals in her life. I was really sad to read that Frisco passed away. I've never been around bulls or cows but by reading her blog I feel like I've learned so much about these gentle giants. I can only imagine how sad she must be when I'm getting teary eyed behind my computer screen.

I thought this poem Shreve posted was beautiful.

Do not stand at my grave and weep,
I am not there; I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on the snow,
I am the sunlight on ripened grain,
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning’s hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there; I did not die.

- Mary Elizabeth Frye

RIP Frisco. Thank you for showing the internets how amazing bulls are.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A shout out to the funny ladies

I'm finally watching The Heat for the first time and I just can't handle Melissa McCarthy.

"That cat took one look at your shitty shitty life, and said nooooo fucking thanks."

"It was a terrible resume. He mentioned prison, and in Special Skills he said, Keeping it real."

Have you seen her in the Hidden Valley Ranch focus group skit on SNL? Amazing.

Kate McKinnon is another one who cracks me up the second she appears on screen. She is easily the most talented cast member on SNL right now.

I'm eating Velveeta mac & cheese and it's reminding me of my BFF Melissa as that was one of our late night snacks of choice from days of yore. Can't wait for her to return to Boston. I'm also eating turnip because I need some sort of veggie and I weirdly love turnip.

TURNIP it's not just for Thanksgiving.

The most comfortable flats you'll ever own

I love heels but heels do not love me. I work in an office but I spend a good deal of time getting up and down from my desk so I prefer to wear flats. Finding a comfortable and affordable flat can be hard. I think I have found the perfect pair of flats.

Behold the Chelsea Flat from Payless.

There is no break in period. They are super comfy the moment they come out of the box. 

I have three pairs - the gold glitter, silver glitter and black patent. I love glitter shoes but I always worry about leaving a trail of glitter wherever I go. With these shoes the glitter stays put. There are many non-glitter colors if that's not your style. I probably wear the black patent ones the most.

Right now they're on sale for $16.99. I'm tempted to buy more because I still don't have all the colors and I'm worried that someday Payless might stop selling them and then what will I do?

If you have any recommendations for comfy flats, feel free to share.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Should have bought Nessy but I did find a good deal

I stopped by Marshalls during my lunch break to pick up a few items to send to my soon to be born niece Caroline.

When I got of the escalators on the second floor a glass figurine caught my eye.

Are these glass Nessy figurines? They are kind of adorable and in a little heard. I kind of wanted to buy one but what would I do with it? Derek already thinks I'm nuts, he doesn't need any more evidence. Plus glass figurines and large destruct-o cats do not mix. (Robin I am still sorry about that time they broke your lamp)

I sadly decided to leave Nessy behind.

What I did buy was a new Tommy Hilfiger duffle bag.

 I love the darker pattern on the inside and it has little pockets which will be great for traveling.

At $29.99 I thought it was a pretty good deal. My current duffle bag has a broken zipper and I've had it since high school. I think it was about time for a new one. I can't wait to use this for my upcoming trip to St. Thomas.

I have some good news regarding my last post about Bosco. The test results came back and he is not diabetic. He will need to stay on a low carb diet but he likes the food and so that shouldn't be a problem.

This is where I say please feed your cats grain free food if you can and mostly wet food. Cats are not meant to eat corn and dry food does not provide enough moisture.

Ok crazy cat lady OUT.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Back to the vet

Yesterday I had to bring Bosco to the vet for a follow up visit to check his blood sugar. Bosco doesn't do so well on car trips and vomited and peed in the carrier on the way there. I feel like a horrible cat mom hearing him cry in the carrier. It's a rough trip for both of us. He's perfectly fine once he gets out of the carrier in the vet's office.

He's lost a pound since I've stopped free feeding which is good since he needs to loose some weight. I'll get the results from his blood test in a few days and if his blood sugar is still very high he'll have to go on insulin.

Luckily Bosco is very tolerant of people touching him and I don't think giving him injections will be a problem, especially if I do it while he's eating. I'm hoping for the best with the test results but the vet is pretty sure he will need to go on insulin.

I guess we'll wait and see what the results say.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Dinner and Divergent in Boston (definitely not in Salem)

Last night Derek and I wanted to keep it low key. I had to get up early today to bring Bosco to the vet so a dinner and movie night seemed like a good idea.

We had dinner at Rock Bottom where a woman asked me if she was in Salem. I told her that no, she was in Boston. I think she may have been a bit intoxicated. Salem and Boston are nowhere near each other.

Rock Bottom brews their own beer in-house and it's pretty good. I usually go for the White Ale which tastes similar to a Blue Moon.

 Derek had no idea I snapped this photo. I'm sneaky like that.

I loved the window decals. The W Hotel right across the street is a great place to grab a cocktail.

After dinner we still had time to kill before Divergent so we had a drink at Intermission Tavern.

photo from Intermission Tavern website.

Intermission is small but usually not too crowded. We had no problem finding a seat at the bar. We starting talking to two engineers who were in town from California for a convention. Derek and I somehow always end up talking to people visiting from out of town. I like to think that they tell people back home how friendly people in Boston are.

Intermission also has a leg lamp.

Divergent was good. The movie was very close to the book so I was happy about that. Derek said it started out as a good Sci-fi but the parts between Four and Tris were a little too much for him, which is understandable. It was a bit sappy. He hasn't read the book so I was interested to see what he thought.

Kate Winslet was great as Jeanine.

I'm lucky my boyfriend let's me drag him to YA movies.

Speaking of Derek, today is his birthday so we're heading to one of our favorite places for dinner and drinks tonight. I can't wait!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Finally feels like spring!

Spring has finally arrived in Boston and I couldn't be happier to be out in warmer weather.

Boston Common was full of people yesterday and the food carts were out. So tempted but I was heading to dinner.

Derek and I had a little date night at Yard House. They always have my favorite beer on tap - Raspberry UFO. If you ever see it you have to try it. Just save some for me.

If the waiter asks you if you want truffle fries for a dollar more the answer is always YES.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The balloon says so


If my birthday princess balloon is still floating two months after my birthday, does that still make me the birthday princess?

I vote yes. At least until Derek's birthday on Saturday. Then I will have to relinquish the birthday crown.

But seriously, how is this balloon still floating two months later?

And who thought a drop ceiling was a good idea in an apartment?