Saturday, March 30, 2013

A room with not much of a view.

My lovely view from my apartment - a brick wall. The birds like to build nests on the fire escape though so that keeps Bosco happy.

I finally gave in last night and admitted that I have a cold. Instead of going to my friend Ashley's birthday party I curled up in bed with the kitties and Devil in the White City (a sidewalk find). I fell asleep with the tv on and woke up to Steve Guttenberg on a total gym infomercial. I always wondered what happened to him and now we know. He's exercising with Chuck Norris.

I hate staying in on a Friday night but it was nice to wake up early and not have to rush around getting ready for work.

Friday, March 29, 2013

I finally found you.

I've been looking for an apple filled doughnut for a while. Dunkin Donuts use to have them but I can't seem to find them there anymore. Lucky for me my co-worker brought us doughnuts from a place called the Coffee Shack. This one is way better than Dunkin Donuts and my apple filled doughnut craving has been satisfied.

Happy Friday!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Recasting, Spring Breakers and James Franco is a creep-o

Amanda Bynes playing James Franco's character in Spring Breakers

Can you see it? I can. Maybe she can do the sequel.

And can we recast James Franco in Oz the Great and Powerful? Too slime ball for my liking. I think I was suppose to like him by the end of the movie but I did not. Maybe Jospeh Gordon-Levitt? Maybe I just want him in everything.

Although China Girl killed it in Oz.

 I'm usually creeped out by any dolls that move and/or talk but not this time. Adorable.

Just don't get facial piercings and ruin your life and tweet creepy things at Drake China Doll.

Being an adult is hard

Bosco is doing ok despite his crystals and peeing a lot. He's being good about using the box (most of the time). Today I think he's feeling a bit better which is good because I'm sure everyone is sick of me talking about it.

So let's talk about non-kitty related things like being an adult. It's hard. I don't like it sometimes. I still call my mom to ask her stupid questions even when I know the answer. I'm pretty sure something is wrong with my gas meter. I don't know if it's a leak or what but the amount of therms I'm using has pretty much doubled and that makes no sense because I had no heat for 3 days and I have been turning my heat down. I am not looking forward to dealing with this because I feel like I just dealt with heating issues.

I hate where I live. Do not live in an old building. DO NOT. Especially if it's 100 years old.

Sometimes I wish someone would do this all for me and I wouldn't have to think about it. Bringing my cat to the vet, paying for the vet, crappy apartment issues and bills. But you know it comes with the territory. I can eat ice cream for dinner and no one will yell at me except for my doctor, but I would never admit to eating horribly to my doctor, just like how I only drink 2-3 beers a week.....

I guess what I'm trying to say is sometimes it sucks being an adult and having to deal with things but that's life and at least you can eat ice cream for dinner if you want to.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

vet vist part 500

I came home from work Friday all ready to go out and have some food and drinks when I noticed that Bosco was acting funny. And by acting funny I mean he peed on my bed and kept peeing outside the box. It wasn't even a lot of pee so I knew, he must have a UTI or something going on. I called my mom multiple times which freaked her out and when I didn't answer when she called back she was calling my brother, my cousin and my aunt to try to reach me.

I brought Bosco to the vet first thing this morning. $438.00 later he has a UTI and crystals in his urine. I now have more drugs to give him and special kitty food for bladder health. Fun times over here.

He's now sleeping on  my lap while he smells faintly of pee but he seems to be more calm on my lap and is not actually peeing on me.

We've both had a rough day.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

I hate when a good book ends. It feels like saying goodbye.

I have a very overactive imagination. I think this is why I get so lost in a good book. It plays out like a movie in my head. I can see everything happening, the characters have voices and facial expressions. I've cried reading many books. While I'm reading the characters are real to me, I feel what's happening to them. I probably sound like a crazy person but I'm sure some of you can relate.

I recently finished the last book in the Infernal Devices series - Clockwork Princess. And oh boy all the feelings. I couldn't have asked for a better ending to a series. I was blown away with how well the last book panned out. I actually think it's the best book in the series which is rare. I've been telling anyone I know who likes YA novels to read this series.

A few of my favorite quotes:

"By the Angel, it just crushed Sophocles," noted Will as the worm vanished behind a large structure shaped like a Greek temple. "Has no one respect for the classics these days?"

"Will, and I have already been up all night copying down the relevant parts. Much of it was-"
"Gibberish?" Jem suggested.
"Pornographic?" said Will at the same time.
"Could be both," said Will. "Haven't you ever heard of pornographic gibberish before?"
Jem grinned, and Charlotte put her face in her hands.

Suffice it to say, the money outlaid upon hats rivals the annual income of a large estate or a small country. We fail to see why one small woman needs so many hats. She is unlikely to be concealing additional heads upon her person.

"The world is a wheel," he said. "When we rise or fall, we do it together."

He played of love and loss and years of silence, words unsaid and vows unspoken, and all the spaces between his heart and theirs; and when he was done he'd set the violin back in its box....

Random thoughts and "not dressed girl"

I have a few thoughts floating around in my head so I thought I would share them here rather than flood twitter.

+ What on earth is happening to Amanda Bynes. She's piercing her face now? She doesn't even look like herself.

+ Corey Feldman is actually 5'9". I  thought he was really short for some reason. I love Lost Boys Corey Feldman and I think the reality show with the two Corey's was one of the best shows on television.

+ I actually liked the third book in a series better than the first two books. How often does that happen? Not often. I plan on writing a post about the book at some point.

+ I read a horoscope that says an Aquarius sometimes loves their pets more than people. I'd say that's pretty accurate. Unless they are waking me up, then it is very much not accurate.

+ I'm done with Winter DONE. It's technically spring but it's snowing. I have so many dresses I want to wear.

+ When you haven't even made it into the office for your interview and your nickname is "not dressed girl" that does not bode well (this is not referring to myself. I am very much dressed and not leaving my job)

Well there's my brain dump. Happy Thursday and I hope it's not snowing where you are.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy everyone's Irish day

I got a Narragansett and I regretted it after one sip. I don't know what came over me. Never again.

Kri face.

The ghost whisperer. I will always be pale.

Fun Tavern fact. You can borrow their books and read them and bring them back. I've done it.

He missed the memo. It's not Cinco De Mayo yet essay. I still dig the outfit.

Melissa taking sneaky shots and me swiping them from her instagram. You should follow her (she's pepperjane).

It was fun lady times with Melissa, Kri and Amy. The Tavern was low key and I'm glad. I wasn't in the mood for crazy St. Paddy's day times.

I advise staying out of downtown Boston or Southie on St. Paddy's day unless you're looking for drunken insanity. I did the parade one year and that was enough for me. The bars and streets are so packed it just wasn't my thing. I much prefer hanging out with my friends in Brookline.

And happy 10 months Derek! <3

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Yes I will have my cake

I think I will fortune cookie. Thank you for the pep talk. Am I the only one noticing the bad grammar? Probably not.

I've been trying to set up my wireless internet and it's not working, I am getting closer though. This time I actually got to the set up wizard and then everything froze. Fun times. I will wait to try again because I would like to not feel the urge to bash my head against the table.

My mom is currently napping on my bed which is what I wish I was doing but the cats are also spread out so there is no room for me, and so you get a blog post.

My bed belongs to the cats and they just let me sleep on it. How nice of them. Oh yes, please use my pillows too.

Tomorrow is St. Paddy's day. I wasn't planning on going out but now I am. Nothing crazy (I say that now). We're just going to my second home in Washington Square. Last night at the Tavern I asked Connor if he was working on St. Paddy's day. He looked at me and said, "nah, I'm not Irish". Connor has the thickest Irish accent.

My mom is awake. Time to take my bed back.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Sometimes you just need a good tearjerker

I watched meet Joe Black for the first time last night and holy moly I was not ready for the tears. I didn't know much about the movie except that it starred Brad Pitt (hot 90s Brad Pitt mind you) and that he was death. The end of the movie was full on water works for me. Anthony Hopkins saying goodbye to his life, I couldn't handle it.

Sometimes I just need a good tearjerker - let it all out. I may have also shed a tear about how hot Brad Pitt was. I don't know what's going on with his beard right now but it's scaring me. Bring back 90s Brad!

Any other good tearjerkers on netflix right now?

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Breaking News! Pope is a humble man

We can all rest east guys. Pope Francis is "a very humble man". Unlike any pope we've ever had before. I know we're all used to a pope that show boats but not this time.

Pope Francis makes his own meals! How humble is that? I usually have my servants make me my meals.

The new pope also takes public transit

In some ways, Pope Francis is just a normal guy. 
"The new pope is a very humble man," said the Rev. Eduardo Mangiarotti, an Argentine priest. "He takes public transport every day."

Who does that? Who actually takes public transit? I'll tell you who, a very humble person.

Just don't be too humble and give up the pope mobile Francis.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A serious discussion about peplum

Oh snap guys. Someone unfollowed my blog! I'm going to guess it was the person who lives above me.

Anyways I'd like to talk about something serious here.


I don't get this trend, but then again I usually shop at Target so I'm not exactly the queen of fashun over here. It looks like something I would have tried to make when I was 12 and thought I was going to make cool clothes.

I'm very concerned that someone will attempt to wear a peplum top as a dress. You know it will happen at some point and if you see this please take a picture and send it to me

This top in particular is hideous. At least keep it the same material. The good news if you wanted to wear a fanny pack you could probably hide it under the peplum top and no one would know.

Maybe I'm just jealous because I could never pull off this top. I am not a large girl but I do have wide hips and I feel like this top would make me look like the size of a house. Who am I kidding, even if I was as thin as rail I wouldn't wear this, unless I was hiding a fanny pack of course.

So peplum - yea or nay?

Monday, March 11, 2013

Do you have a bowling alley in your apartment?

Dear neighbors who live above me:

Do you have a bowling alley in your apartment? I mean that's pretty cool but it's a bit LOUD. And if you don't have a bowling alley what could you possibly be dropping on your floor that rolls that loudly? I'm really curious.

I'm also wondering if you're angry about your bowling because my boyfriend and I were awoken to yelling. Did someone not reset the pins? Did you loose to your friend? You must have been really upset to be yelling for almost an hour.

Really you must be having a blast. I know I am listening to all your noises. Quiet jovial in fact. I put my pillow over my head to hide my excitement for your apartment bowling. I may in fact get my broom and tap the ceiling to let you know how glad I am.

You are such an awesome neighbor. I'll miss you when I leave.

Happy bowling!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Only in Cambridge

Brazilian BBQ followed by Todd's birthday celebration at Bukowski's.

Only in Cambridge would the bathroom graffiti consist of TS Eliot poem.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Animals know

My hair dryer started smoking this morning, so that was fun. Bosco was sniffing near where it was plugged in and I thought he was being weird but apparently he could smell it before I could. Next thing I know there's smoke coming from the plug. No sparks or fire but still freaked me out. I've had that hair dryer since college and I have not been in college for a while now so I guess it was time for it to go and go it did, in smelly smokey fashion. I'm also getting rid of that extension cord because I'm paranoid that it was damaged. I'd rather not risk it.

A co-worker of mine says she has an extra blow dryer that I can have which is awesome because after Bosco's vet bill I'm trying to be careful with money this month, and I have no desire to walk around with wet hair in March.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Craving that green

Is it weird that I crave salad? Some days I just eat too much bread and cheese and salt and I just need something leafy and green. I got home from work cold and wet and made myself a big old salad. Don't worry, I still love carbs and cheese but sometimes we need a little break.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How to save money at the vet

With Bosco just having some dental work done at the vet I thought I'd share some of my money saving tips at the vet.

If your cat's having a procedure done:

Your veterinarian should give you an estimate with a breakdown. Look over everything to see if they're adding anything in that you don't know about. If you're not sure what something means then ask.

Always ask them to call you if they plan on doing anything not listed on the procedure sheet. If this is a type of emergency surgery this might not apply, but for a dental procedure you should have them call if they're going to do anything else like a gum tissue samples.

Be aware of what your pet's medical history and what they have been tested for:

New vets always want to test Bosco for FIV even though I know he's FIV positive. I tell them no, and show them the results from his last blood work. The vet also wanted to test his gum tissue for a dental disease. I knew he had had his gums tested last year and told the vet that he had stomatitis. I saved myself $150.00 by remembering that he had that that test done.

Nail clipping:

Should be included with your vet visit. If they charge you for it, only go for it if it's cheaper than where you normally get it done.

Special diet food:

Your veterinarian will often have special diet food in the office for your pets medical needs. Make sure you check their price, the price at pet stores and the price online. Sometimes the food is marked up (or down) at your vet. If your a member of Amazon prime you can click on "subscribe and save" which will give you a 5% discount for setting up a recurring shipment and you'll get free shipping.

Pets can be expensive but you can at least save some money by double checking pricing and billing and asking questions.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Today is D Day

Today is Dental Day for Bosco. He's getting teeth pulled and I'm a nervous kitty momma. This is the second time he's had teeth pulled (the last time being last year). Hopefully they'll pull all the back ones and he won't have to have it done again.

While I wait for the call to pick him up I'm going to go to Target because I'll already have the zipcar and I can stock up on household things. And maybe get a pair of yoga pants that don't have a hole in the crotchal region. I don't even do yoga, I just like to wear yoga pants because they're comfortable and I can trick people into thinking I do yoga.

My poor baby. I feel so bad for him. I also feel bad for myself trying to get him to take all his medicine including squirting pain meds into his mouth. Then he stares at the wall all high and I laugh because it's pretty funny when your cat is high.

I will not be laughing when I look at my bank account after this. That will be crying. Lots and lots of crying. Maybe I should stick with the holey yoga pants.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Thank you Bret Michaels for Rock of Love

I like Bret Michaels. Not in a romantic way, he's too old and refuses to take off that bandana, but in a he just seems like a nice guy way.

Bret got eliminated from the Apprentice last night. Don't ask me why I was watching this, I'm not sure. I don't have cable and it was on ok?!

I felt bad for Bret. He was totally thrown under the bus. Then I remembered that he probably has a ton of money unless he spends it all on fake hair and bandanas.

But still, I like the guy. I mean he gave the world Rock of Love.

Does he have his own bandana line because he really should get on that.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Now I want to go to prom

Today I went to try on dresses for my cousin's wedding in August. I forgot that it was prom season so the store was overrun with seventeen year old girls trying on prom dresses. I swear I did not look like that when I was seventeen. What is happening? Why do high school seniors look like 20 year olds? It's freaking me out.

Being surrounded by brides and thousands of white dresses really makes you want to either get married or go to prom again. Instead of casual Fridays can we have fancy dress Fridays? I'd like that.

We picked the bridesmaid dresses pretty quickly. You have to go in with a game plan because it is a dress war zone in there. Dresses flying, bells ringing, dressing room shuffling. Guys have no idea what us ladies go through.

I've always said the bride can dress me in whatever she wants. If she wants me to wear a trash bag then I'll wear a trash bag. Luckily I like the dress. I find it very flattering and it looks good on all of us.

So the stress of picking out the bridesmaid's dresses is done. My cousin is happy, we're happy and now I want to go to prom, and to my cousin's wedding because it's going to be a blast. Seriously, I love that girl and we are an awesome group of bridesmaids.

*We've told Alexis her bachelorette theme is now prom and it's going to be awesome and sparkly and someone will be crowned queen (the bride to be of course)*