Saturday, November 30, 2013

Hometown hangs

Yesterday we headed to my hometown of Waltham to hang out with my cousin and meetup with people from highschool. We had a grand total of one person show up (Alexendra) but I love Alex so I was happy to see her. Germana and I have decided that we're probably not going to plan the meetup again since there wasn't that much interest. We still had fun though.

Our waitress was horrible. She took forever to come over to our table, forgot food and drinks we had ordered and spent half her time near the end of the bar eating and talking. We were placing bets on how long it would take for her to bring the check. My cousin's husband Kevin won the bet. We didn't leave her a good tip.

We left Shoppers and headed over to the Gaff where Germana turned into a ghost.

Derek and I watched Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunter when we got home. Don't ask....

I'm very much sick of drinking right now so I'm having a lazy Saturday watching Girls with the cats. Why are all the guys on this show asshats?

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Turkey, catnip and candles that make me seeze

Derek and I went to my mom and Tony's house for Thanksgiving today. I avoided the Mass Pike and took back roads and by some miracle we did not run into any traffic. I'm still stuffed from all the food. My mom had little trivia cards printed out and we competed for the prize which was gum, a candy bar and chap stick. Tony and I tied and although he won the tie breaker he gave me the prize. Winner winner chicken dinner! I'm rich in gum and candy.

My mom had a few Christmas decorations up. Mini trees are so cute.

Thanksgiving Day selfie. Best to do it in semi darkness from the waist up so you can't see how bloated I am from stuffing my face.

I bought a fake tree at Target yesterday. I can't wait to put it up and decorate it. I've never put up a tree in my own apartment before. I'm overly excited about it. I seem to have a lot of bird ornaments. I'm not sure how this happened. The plan is to put it up tomorrow.

You should have seen Derek and I at Target trying to figure out how many boxes of lights we should buy. We had no clue so we just got one box for now and figured we can get more if it's not enough. Is there some kind of trick to figuring that out?

I'm home now trying to digest my food. I gave the cats some turkey and then put some catnip out and they are happy kitty campers. I also lit a mistletoe candle which means I'll be sneezing because I'm allergic to pine. I just love the smell, I can't help it.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Someone get me the snake oil salesman!

GERD is still acting up. I was feeling really good yesterday and now I'm feeling very much not good. I hate that I have to wait until the end of December to go back to the doctor. I'm supposed to be on this higher dosage of meds for a month before they try something else. I'm pretty sure I just need to switch meds again. I really don't want to have another endoscopy done. I think I might try to take melatonin at night. Supposedly it can help with GERD symptoms. I have some already in the house so why not give it a shot? I'm desperate here! I would drink snake oil purchased from a shady man who just rolled into town promising miracle cures at this point.

I'll take 20! It is endorsed by real Indians after all.

I'm currently watching South Park and reading about the history of blogging on wikipedia. For some reason I'm fascinated with the early years of blogging. People don't really spill their guts like they used to. I guess the gut spilling has moved to facebook.

Can we talk about Family Guy for a second? (I swear I'm not a 12 year old boy after mentioning South Park and Family Guy in one blog post. Also, stop reading now if you don't know who died on Family Guy).

I haven't watched Family Guy in years but when I heard they killed off Brian I was a bit sad. He was one of the best characters on the show and then I had to go and watch his death. OH MY GOD DO NOT DO THAT BECAUSE YOU WILL CRY! "You've given me a wonderful life. I love you all." I can't handle animals dying, even cartoon ones.

That's all I got for today guys. Time to drink my snake oil and go to bed.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Friends Thanksgiving and Catching Fire

Saturday night we went to Jesse and Kristina's for Friends Thanksgiving. As per usual their apartment looked like it was straight out of a Martha Stewart magazine. I wanted to take pictures of everything.

I love the two giant mirrors they have in their living room. I need some giant mirrors in my life.

Daryl came to the party already drunk. It was pretty hilarious. He told me his jeans were Armani so I kept calling him Armani Exchange and then he would say "they are not Armani Exchange they are ARMANI!"

I ate so much food! Is anyone shocked by that statement? Yea, me neither. We then danced around a bit before heading back home on the T.

Melissa you were missed and everyone was asking how you were.

I saw Catching Fire today. It was awesome. Germana and I got there later than we expected so we skipped the popcorn and soda. Halfway through the movie we were hungry and thirsty. We went the interactive viewing experience. When they kept talking about having to find fresh water my mouth was like OMG yes me too! I'm so thirsty! Finnick and Johanna were cast perfectly. I loved every minute of it.

I'm now going to continue watching Taken 2 because that seems like a good Sunday night movie choice.

Friday, November 22, 2013

I might murder my coworker over cookies

Because I'm a nice person, when my co-worker asked if I wanted to order cookies for her niece's school I said "sure". Cookies are way more useful than wrapping paper, which is what my school used to sell.

I ordered the cookies about a month ago and almost forgot about them until cookie delivery day arrived! I was all excited and ready to eat my feelings with some delicious peanut butter cookies but j/k everyone it's actually cookie dough as in I can't actually eat cookies right now. What kind of sham fundraiser is this? One of my co-workers suggested that we just eat the dough but I have not reached Paual Deen level of desperation yet.

To be fair my co-worker who sold me the dough did not realize that it was dough either and was equally disappointed. I gave her two options: she could come over my house and bake the cookies for me or I kill her.

What I'm thankful for. Hint it's very much food related and very much not pregnancy related.

If you're on facebook you've probably noticed everyone posting something they're thankful for everyday in November. It's pretty annoying but you look like an ass if you complain about someone being thankful for their family. But isn't that kind of a given? I would think you wouldn't need to state that you're thankful for you family. So I'm leaving that off my list. I love my family and friends and boyfriend and cats so let's talk about other things I'm thankful for.

  1. I'm thankful for my acting skills. I am like the poor man's Meryl Streep. If you tell me you're pregnant I will act like I am super excited and you will believe me. Honestly I'm not. I don't really care about your child until it's actually born and then I will give you the congratulatory pat on the back and we can go drink Brandy and smoke cigars and laugh deep from our bellies while the servants take care of your child. Is it weird that I don't have any feels until a baby is born? Probably.

  2. I'm thankful that i'm not allergic to nightshades. Seriously, the things you can't eat if you're allergic to nightshades is insane! No potatoes, no peppers, no eggplant, no tomato! (ok I can't eat tomato but I can have ketchup which is important.) How can you live without potato? I tried to give up potato products for 30 days and it was the hardest 30 days of my life. You would have thought that I was trying to get off heroin. I was a monster and would have licked someones fingers if they touched potatoes. I am very thankful I can eat potatoes and you should be too because I would be a miserable bitch. Ok I should also throw in gluten because I will be buried with french fries and baguettes.

  3. I'm thankful for my common sense. How do so many people not have common sense? It boggles my mind. You know when the T pulls into the station and people are trying to get off the train while the idiots on the platform are trying to get on. Let the people get off first! Common sense folks and thank God I have it.

  4. Truffle fries. Oh what would I do with out truffle fries. The crack of the food world. I can't get enough of you and refuse to give you up (refer to point 2)

  5. I'm thankful for American Horror Story and Scandal. Every week you rock my socks. Sorry to be lame and use that phrase but it's true. This season of AHS is way better than last season. Scandal just keeps killing it, that is all. PS Screw you President Grant. You're an asshole, but an entertaining asshole. I could care two shits about Quinn.

  6. I'm thankful for living in Boston. I love city life. I don't know if I could live in the burbs. I'm a city girl despite the drunks on parade and my neighbors that play the violin all the time.

  7. I'm thankful for blogging. I love sharing everything you don't care about on the internets.
Feel free to share what your thankful for in the comments, especially if it's food related.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

This is not a riddle

Derek and I on the T this morning and this conversation happens.

Me: Do you wanna know what's weird?

Derek: What.

Me: So I bought three pairs of tights from Forever 21. I bought a black pair, a blue pair and a red pair all at the same time and they are all the same size...

Derek: Is this a math problem?

Me: No! So the black pair and the blue pair...

Derek: Are you sure this isn't a riddle?

Me: It's not a math problem or a riddle! So the black pair and the blue fit fine but the red pair is too small. It don't make any sense!

Derek: .........

Me: Ok maybe it is a riddle. Why do the red pair not fit!

Derek: Well they were probably made by a child in Indonesia.

He's probably right.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Girl in the Fireplace

I've slowly been watching Doctor Who and last night I watched my favorite episode so far - The Girl in the Fireplace.

I was not ready for the ending of this episode. I actually got teary eyed. I really wanted Reinette to become a companion although I knew that it wasn't going to happen. I also know the worst is yet to come regarding emotional Doctor Who episodes (or so I've been told). Better keep those tissues handy.

Yesterday I set up a new "goal" with SmartyPig again. Not many banks offer 1% interest these days. I'm going to use it as my emergency fund. So that's where the money from my raise will be going. No fancy bling for this "responsible" girl.

Stomach is still going back and forth between gross and somewhat normal. Usually right after dinner I start to feel off. Doesn't this feel like a facebook status update? I swear whining makes me feel better.

Let's end this on a non whiny note. It's American Horror Story Day! Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I should rename my cat Jean Valjean, that bread theif.

Bosco has a little bit of a bread addiction. I thought that maybe he out grew it since he hasn't tried to steal bread in a while but this morning I left my bag with a roll in it on the floor while I went to grab something in the kitchen and Derek found him attempting to rip into the bag to get to the bread. When I first got him I would come home to bread all over my floor with the middle of pieces eaten (he doesn't like the crust). I love bread too so maybe pets do take after their owners? I do eat the crust though and don't tear into loaves with my bare teeth.

Last night I saw eggnog ice cream in the store. I love eggnog so I thought it would taste good but it was gross. Oh well, lesson learned. Eggnog is only good in nog form with or without (but preferably with) booze.

I watched two movies recently. The first being a Royal Affair. I put off watching this one because I have to be in a non lazy mood to read subtitles. Definitely worth it though. Mads Mikkelsen is one of those actors that you can't tear your eyes away from on screen. He has has amazing presence.

I also watched the Hobbit. I didn't like it as much as LOTR but I enjoyed it more than I thought. I'm looking forward to the second part mostly for the return of Legolas, oh and to see the dragon too who is voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch, one of the best voices in all the land. I keep wondering what a dragon would spend all that money on? Apparently nothing, he just sleeps in his piles of gold.

Catching Fire comes out three days! I really want to go opening night but I hate dealing with crowded movie theaters so I'm going to wait a bit. I think this might be a week night watch.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tavern at the End of the World

We ventured out to Charlestown last night to go to the Tavern at the End off the World. My old roommate Todd recently moved to the area and the Tavern used to be one of Derek's favorite spots back when he lived in near by.

I liked the feel of the Tavern. It was small but felt cozy. It was pretty low key until some drunken 21 year olds showed up and felt the need to yell everything to each other. The service was slow but you could tell they were under staffed. The two bartenders were trying to wait the tables and tend bar at the same time.

The food was really good though. I got the half roasted chicken with mashed potatoes and asparagus. It was delicious. They also have Raspberry UFO on tap which is a giant WIN in my book. I could drink that stuff like it's water.

Todd and Kristen featuring the light up Bud Light dog in the background. I really want that light up dog.

Katie - the all American girl.

So I think I need to get a newer iPhone now. The camera is way better on Katie's newer iPhone than my 4s. This picture was taken with no flash and it was not that bright in the Tavern.

We eventually got fed up with the annoying drunk group on one side of us, the non stop singing of songs that were not even playing in the bar by a guy on the other side of us, and the slow service so we left and went back to Todd's place.

Huey was excited to see everyone. Todd was also dog sitting a cute little dog named Sophia. We had a little dance party. Todd and I reenacted the Gangnam Style video.

I felt really bloated and gross by the end of the night. I don't know if I ate too fast or what but I felt like this.

I didn't stuff myself at dinner so who knows what happened.

I woke up late this morning and Derek made us breakfast. I'll be on dinner duty and I think I found an easy recipe to use up all the stuffing I bought. I have no idea why I bought two boxes of stuffing. I think I just love stuffing and it seemed like a good idea at the time.

I should be cleaning and such but you know blogging and internetting are very distracting.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

My new hobby is watching the cats play with catnip toys

Derek and I went to Mass Ave Tavern last night for dinner and drinks. I got a burger a sweet potato fries. Two days in a row that I've had a burger for dinner. I think I need to get some leafy greens in my life today. My sweet potato fries were bland but Derek's waffle fries were awesome so I stole a few off his plate.

Mass Ave Tavern has a ton of board games you can play. They had Jenga which I don't think is a good game to play at a small table in a bar. They also had Clue! I haven't played Clue in a long time. I kick ass at Clue. Most people don't keep track of who says they don't have something when it's not their turn. I do and mark it down. That's how I narrow it down faster. Now you know my Clue secret and I can never play with you.

We went home earlier than we usually would on a Friday night. I've been really tired this week which I'm sure is due to my lovely stomach. I bought the cats some new toys at the super market on the way home (I needed cat food too). Bosco went nuts.

Get a few beers in you and watch a cat freak out over catnip toys. Good times. He flings it up in the air and carries it around in his mouth like a dog. How can you not be amused by that?

After watching Bosco I went back into the bedroom and found a little box on my pillow. I opened it up and there were some earrings inside. When I first saw the box my I was like "why did I leave a box on my pillow, that's weird. Wait a second I didn't leave a box on my pillow!" I was tired ok! I have a very sneaky but very thoughtful boyfriend.

Time to catch up on American Horror Story. I missed this weeks episode.

Friday, November 15, 2013

The Burt Reynolds shot and some good news

Derek and I went to Elephant & Castle last night for dinner. After days of very plain food due to my stomach I was looking forward to eating something good. I got a burger and fries and luckily I felt find.

Apparently there's a "Burt Reynolds" shot.

For some reason I found this very amusing. I imagine taking the Burt Reynolds shot and growing an amazing stache. Sadly I did not order one despite being curious. I don't like shots and I'm certainly not going to do shots on a work night. I'm sure my stomach was grateful as well.

I've noticed that every time Derek and I go to Elephant & Castle someone at the bar is buying other patrons drinks. Last night a guy wanted to buy everyone a round of shots. We've had men on business trips buy us drinks, couples buys us drinks, bartenders buy us drinks - you can see why we like it there. Everyone is really nice and we've met some really entertaining people. Of course we buy people drinks too (just not the whole bar...)

I had some good news today. I had my review at work and I got a raise! I plan on putting the extra money into my savings for future car repairs, cat teeth and my own teeth. Is it weird that I'm excited about building up my savings? Well I am. Now that I'm almost 30 I'm really trying to focus on building up my savings and paying off my credit cards.

Besides the raise I've also been getting lots of complements on my work outfit today. I'd say it's a pretty good Friday.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Here's some winter for ya

This morning I stepped outside and mother nature was all "here's some winter for ya". I imagine mother nature to have an old lady voice. I should have worn my new warm boots instead of my pretty glittery flats. I couldn't feel my feet.

Went to the doctor's about the never ending fountain of acid coming up in the back of my throat. I am to double up on my current medicine and take a prescription strength Zantac before bed for four weeks. I thought I'd share this with you so you'll know what your life will be like when you're 90. Your Boston hero will be laying low tonight watching American Horror Story.

Important news of the day - The Wahlbergs are going to have a reality tv show. I've eaten at Wahlbergers and Alma Nove. I think it's time I head back and become best friends with the Wahlbergs.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

It wouldn't be friends Thanksgiving with out turkey tear flavored gin

Dear Friends and Secret Admirers,

You are cordially invited to burst your pants open at our place on Sat, Nov 23 at 6:30pm. There will be a cocktail soiree from 6:30 - 7:30 hosted by KL and featuring drinks made from our own in-house turkey tear flavored gin. Dinner will be served afterward and will include a minimum of one turkey served medium rare. Please RSVP by next Friday so I know how much to feed the turkey chained in our bathtub beforehand.


Oh man I am so excited. I love friends Thanksgiving! Friends, food, drinks, impromptu dancing? One never knows what might happen.

Cats are the best photobombers

So I'm trying on my new old lady sweater from Marshalls and Bosco just has to jump in there so I really look like a cat lady. Thanks!

This is my pencil case where I keep all my nail supplies. I will keep this until it falls apart.

First snow of the season!

These are my "wallpaper" pants. I love the pattern.

I got these on sale last fall from Ann Taylor Loft. You can spot me a mile away if I'm wearing these bad boys.

I bought a big bag of Cracker Jacks that promises more peanuts and a new prize. I will be very upset if the bag is lying to me. I want a giant fake plastic rings or something good like that. I will report back with my findings.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Payless boots > Ugg boots

I love my new Payless boots. They are comfortable and cute and best of all my feet will stay dry!

I refuse to jump on the Ugg bandwagon. I can't justify spending $100 plus dollars on boots that don't even keep your feet dry in the slushy snow. Also, I just don't like the way Uggs look.

Just think how fly I'll be digging Legolas (my car) out of the snow. I want to look good on a budget, especially now that I'm convinced the can lady who lives across the street has the hots for Derek.

Bring it on New England winter! I'm packing some serious boots.

Finally someone talks about food on the Walking Dead

Every time I watch the Walking Dead I wonder why no one is talking about all the food they can't eat anymore. Everyone would hate me in the zombie apocalypse because all I would talk about is food. "Hey remember Chinese food? I could really go from some crab rangoon right about now." Finally, someone talked about food on the Walking Dead!

“I hearby declare we have spaghetti Tuesdays on Wednesday...but first we have to find some spaghetti."

Thank you Herschel! Now this zombie apocalypse is much more realistic.

And this had me cracking up for a good five minutes

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Shirley Temple day. Get yo cherry on.

I may or may not have taken some bread sticks home in my purse. Just 3! Take note bars. I love the bread sticks.

I decided I wanted a Shirley Temple. Sometimes I'm really smart.

Nomato sauce I made for dinner. I can't have tomato sauce due to IC and acid reflux. I used this recipe and it came out pretty good. It's the closest I'll get to tomato sauce.

My reflux has been bothering me for the past week or so. No heartburn (which is what usually gets me) but lots of acid coming up in the back of my throat. I'm trying to see if a few days double up on my medicine will help. We shall see. I know, interesting blog stuff right here folks. Let's talk about Ginny's old lady stomach!

As you can see a very productive day over here. Mr. Binx's hair is finally starting to grow back from his dental surgery iv.

Let's skip back to brunch today. Derek and I went to Common Ground and the bunch was ok. The menu was pretty unimpressive but the food wasn't bad. It wasn't great either but at least we gave it a shot. Still have not found our Allston brunch spot yet. Anyways, this girl at the table next to us looked like she was going to face plant onto her plate. Her eyes were half closed and her and her male friend there barely said a word. I saw her reach for her water and it was the slowest glass to mouth I've ever seen. I have no idea what drugs she was on but she was gone.

And hey guess what? I found the back cover to my drivers side mirror smashed in some bushes. Thanks college students!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Glitter feet are better feet

I got many compliments on my work outfit on Friday. I don't wear skirts too often but now that I bought a few new pairs of tights I think I will.

I'm really loving Forever21's tights. Very comfortable and they don't rip on the first wear.

Dinner at Sunset with my bff Raspberry UFO.

Then we went to Devlin's and met up with some friends.

Then we went to the Green Briar.

If you want everyone to sing along make sure you play All These Things That I've Done by the Killers. Check out that beard!

Real classy guys.

Juston is always laughing. He's moving to LA in January. Way to bail on us for warmer times.

My new amazing black glitter shoes from Payless. I also got them in gold glitter. The most comfortable flats I own.

Ha ha this picture makes me laugh. I'm all "serious picture time" and Derek's all "what?"

I think the red jacket is going to have to be sent out to pasture soon. The zipper keeps sliding down. I've had it for years but I'm not ready to say goodbye yet!

Heading out to the Abbey later because I've been craving a burger and truffle fries.

I don't really watch Glee but how awesome is Adam Lambert here. How did he not win American Idol and can he teach me eye liner tricks?