Friday, March 24, 2017

Good Morning!

It took me 20 minutes to get the shower curtain up so I could take a shower this morning. They're still working on the bathroom so it was taken down while Vlad Contractor worked (I will explain this in another post). It kept falling down and since I'm short it's not easy to get it back up. I'm pretty sure I pulled a muscle in my back trying. At one point it fell down on me while I was in the shower. You can laugh, Derek did when I told him. I think I've reached my swearing quota for the day.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Someone had a "fun" Saint Patrick's Day

Derek woke me up at 4 in the morning to tell me that there was a major leak in the bathroom. There was water coming down from the ceiling and it was getting everywhere. Just what you want to be dealing with at 4 in the morning. Derek rigged up a trash bag and a pot to get the water into the tub rather than all over the floor. I left a message for our landlord and called property management. I didn't think this was something that could wait.

We found out what the issue was fairly quickly. A woman who lives two floors above us got drunk on Saint Patrick's Day, clogged her sink and left the water running. She passed out in bed while the bathroom flooded. The unit above us has even worse water damage than we do. It was coming out through the electrical outlets in their bathroom. I didn't see any water coming out of the outlets but I won't be using them until they're checked out by an electrician.

I stay home and I still have to deal with the drunks on Saint Patrick's Day. I bet she has a hell of a hangover.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

In my younger years I would rarely stay home on Saint Patrick's Day. I even went to the parade in Southie one year. The highlight of the parade was seeing a drunk girl get tackled by two cops for running out onto the parade route and attempting to run away from the police. Now that I'm a bit older I'd rather stay home and avoid the crowded bars. The time change has left me feeling pretty tired too so I think I'll be celebrating from my bed tonight.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A Quick Review of Insidious 3

Scary enough to make you jump out of your chair and throw your crostini and brie in the air.
You've been warned.

Monday, March 6, 2017

One more thing crossed of the list

The wedding invitations have been ordered. We went with a Boston skyline design which I think is appropriate since we're getting married right in the city. There was a bit of sticker shock when I saw the final price for the invitations and ours are fairly simple. I shouldn't be surprised considering everything about a wedding is expensive.

I bought some new eye cream at Sephora today. The skin around my eyes has been so dry and itchy. Thanks winter! According to the saleswoman at Sephora this cream is very popular in Korea. According to my bank account, it is expensive.

I'm getting ready to head over to my friend Lil-Anne's place for a movie night. She stocked up on fancy snacks including brie and artichokes. I'm fine with just popcorn but I'm not going to say no to that.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

I went to Worcester and I didn't even get to see a shady strip club

Fiona and I drove all the way to Worcester on Saturday to see Panic at the Disco at the DCU Center. We were pretty excited because Worcester is kind of known for shady strip clubs. We weren't actually going to go to a strip club because I'm not paying $15 for a beer with a side of hepatitis. We just wanted to drive by one. We must have been staying in the classy area of Worcester though because we saw none.

We made it to the DCU Center and procured two massive beers from a nice older woman who we decided was named Maude. Good thing we didn't go to a strip club because the DCU Center is apparently cash only.

The age range of this show was teenagers, moms and Ginny and Fiona. I guess that makes us hip? We'll go with that...

After the show we went to UNOs and then to a Mexican place for margaritas. That would probably explain why I have heartburn today. At some point we took this photo and I texted it to Derek just saying "boobs".

We were a bit tired this morning which totally explains why we drove an hour in the wrong direction on the highway! Oh my God how did we do that?

So how was your weekend?

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Oh my God I'm exhausted

Derek's belated company holiday party was last night and we didn't get to bed until way too late. It was at Oceanaire near Government Center. The atmosphere and the food were great. I'd go back. Derek and I are currently complaining to each other on gchat about how tired we are. One of us can't have caffeine though *sobs into glass of water*.

We're finally tasting food for the wedding tonight. I need to get invitations ordered ASAP but I can't really do that without knowing what food we're serving. How is it already March?! Nobody panic!

Here are some photos from Oceanaire.