Friday, February 22, 2019

My weirdness twin Victoria on Netflix's Dating Around

Thank God I'm not on the dating scene anymore. People are a nightmare. I started watching the new dating show on Netflix called Dating Around because my friend Melissa told me one of the girls on the show reminded her of me on a date. Well, what she assumed I would be like on a date. She was right.

I told Derek on our first date that I almost didn't respond to his message on OKC because "only serial killers have one photo."
Victoria calls herself a Masshole and her date is baffled because he's never heard the term. She then jokes about getting it as a trampstamp. She basically can't control the words coming out of her mouth and laughs at herself (that's your girl, right here). She walks into a door on her way out of the bar (HI, HAVE YOU MET ME). The thing that really made me laugh, because it is a very Ginny thing to do, is when she's in the car after the date and they're just talking and she says "let me haul up my pants" and proceeds to do so in the car. I DO THIS ALL THE TIME. I never said I was classy but I just really hate belts. It's amazing Derek didn't go running the other way after our first date.

The guy ends up picking Victoria for a second date out of the five girls he meets. I did not expect that but who can resist me Victoria?

As for Gurki on the second episode, you are an amazing woman and Justin is complete trash. 

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Not off to a good start

The very wealthy main character's name in American Heiress is Cora Cash. Maybe I should change my name to Ginny Money.