Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Support your local buskers

I recently came across a video of Tones and I performing her song "Dance Monkey" (see clip below) and I immediately loved the song and wanted to know more about the singer.

After some googling I found out that she was a busker from Australia and that her song "Dance Monkey" is about drunk people demanding that she keep playing when she was done for the night and about to head home. She's very talented and I'm glad that her hard work is finally paying off. Busking ain't easy.

Boston has it's fair share of buskers. The most well known busker from Boston is probably Amanda Palmer. Although she's not busking here anymore there are few that almost every Bostonian knows. I thought I'd show the Boston buskers some love with a blog post.

Keytar Bear is my personal favorite and currently the most beloved Boston busker. Trillium Brewing even had a limited edition Keytar Bear IPA. I've also seen a few Keytar Bear Halloween costumes. He's sadly been robbed a few times and even beaten and robbed. Who does that! The community raised money to replace his broken equipment and people well furious. He still goes out and does his thing. I always give him money if I see him.

Boston Opera Guy is another personal favorite of mine. No costume and minimal equipment. I often hear him before I actually seem him. He always draws a crowd.

If you're visiting Boston and want to see some buskers and street performers your best bet is Fanieul Hall, Harvard Square (in Cambridge), Davis Square (in Somerville) or one of the main T stops. I've seen buskers at Park Street, Back Bay, Harvard Sqaure and Downtown Crossing. You never know which station you might come across a busker. They're out there working hard so considering giving them a dollar or two.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

To read, or not to read, that is the question

I'm part of a small book club with some friends and our last two books were duds. The first dud had an interesting premise and plenty of good reviews but the general consensus of the book club was that it was tough to get through. The most recent book was only finished by two people. The rest of us gave up. Humor books can be a risky choice for book club and Dear Girls was not my first choice but I give every book club book a fair shot. I don't like not finishing a book. I decided to stop listening with two hours left on the audio book. (I like to listen to memoirs when they're narrated by the writer.) I decided that I didn't want to waste two more hours of my time on a book I was not enjoying. Ali's humor is not for me. As someone who was firmly in camp MUST FINISH THE BOOK I'm now giving myself permission to put it aside if I'm not enjoying myself. There are too many good books out there and no one is forcing me to finish a dud but myself.

Despite no one really liking the book we still had some interesting discussions over tacos and cheesecake. Did I mention that our book club is called Goldenbooks and Cheesecake Club? My suggestion for the next book is Picnic at Hanging Rock. We're still voting but so far it's in the lead. Fiona kept saying the title wrong so now we're all joking about the name of the book. "Can't wait to read Rock Hanging at the Picnic." I hope we end up reading it so we can have a picnic themed meeting and of course for the running joke of the name.