Saturday, December 23, 2017

Christmas Vacation

Christmas break is finally here! I met up with Derek and two of his co-workers at the Merchant after work for some Christmas drinks. They had a drink called the I Love You Ginny which of course had to be ordered.

It was cold and rainy but a few drinks (and Uber) helped with that. I'm still not used to coming home without being greeted by Bosco. I've caught myself a few times sticking my foot in the door when I open it so he doesn't escape into the hall. It takes a second or two to remember that I don't have to do that anymore. I know it will get better with time but right now it's rough.

Tomorrow we'll cook our new Christmas Eve traditional dinner of beef wellington and scallops wrapped with bacon. We did this last year and really enjoyed it so why not keep it going?

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

RIP Bosco

This is the first photo I ever took of you and it's one of my favorites. You should still be here. You weren't even 10 years old. I hope that I gave you a good life while you were here. No one could argue the fact that you were the sweetest cat. I hope you get all the chicken wings on the other side. I miss you already.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Winter In The City

Boston had its first significant snowfall of the season this Saturday. I hate winter but I admit that I enjoyed the snow even while sliding my way across the Common. The Common is all lit up for the holidays and nature added its own snowy touch. It was a nice soft snow, not the whip you in the face kind that comes with a blizzard. This is my kind of winter. It's a shame I won't be able to hold onto this feeling until spring. I'll be cursing the freezing temps and feet of snow very soon.

We weren't out in the snow for the scenery though. We were heading to Mooo.... for a fantastic steak dinner with Germana and Andy. It was an expensive dinner but well worth the money. Mooo.... might just be my new favorite steakhouse in Boston. After we stuffed ourselves full of steak we headed over to the Omni Parker House for drinks. We had a nice view of the snow and all the party buses that drove by (we counted at least 6).

We'll be back for our annual stay at the Omni Parker this weekend. I highly recommend a nice hotel stay rather than exchanging gifts. Merry Christmas to us!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Cocktail Party Song - Sweet Dreams by SeƱor Coconut

I've been trying to put together the perfect cocktail party play list. It will probably be done by the time we actually buy a house and can host a nice cocktail party. I was out at brunch and heard this cover of Sweet Dreams and I immediately put down my champagne and shazamed the song on my phone. It's a fun cover that I can picture playing in the background of a hip cocktail party

Saturday, December 2, 2017

It's feuerzangenbowle season

It's been a minute hasn't it. I've been busy at work and at life in general hence why the blog has been a bit quiet. Let's jump right in. I'VE GOT THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT!

I would love poinsettias everywhere but Bosco would eat them. Did I tell you how I found him inside the garbage can when we came back from Thanksgiving? He was busy picking out chicken bones. He's still a pain in my ass even when he's sick.

I ordered 4 bottles of wine on my phone right after this photo was taken. I then realized I'd have to pick them up in Everett. No thank you. I assumed I could have it shipped to my house but SURPRISE you have to pick them up at some random liquor store in Everett. Debating cancelling the order and finding the wine closer.

I've already been to a Christmas party too. The feuerzangenbowle was especially good this year.

Made it through Elf and half of Christmas Vacation before I left. Warm drinks and lots of food makes Ginny sleepy.

Now it's time to make a rice and sausage stuffing for a friends Thanksgiving today. So much food....

Monday, November 20, 2017

Early Thanksgiving in New York.

Visited friends in Saratoga and then headed up to Schroon Lake to the the in-law's lake house. Good times and good food is what it's all about folks.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Damn it Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey is one of my favorite actors. Maybe I should say he was one of my favorite actors. One allegation of misconduct by Anthony Rapp has now begun to snowball with others coming forward. I believe these men are telling the truth. It can't be easy to speak out against one of the Hollywood elite. House of Cards is dropping Kevin Spacey for the last season. As a fan of the show I'm glad they're trying to work out a way to finish the series without him. Claire has always been my favorite anyways. Have Spacey's character killed off camera and work the mystery of who the murderer is into the show. Robin Wright can carry House of Cards.

Now I keep wondering who will be next. I'm sure there are many more stories of misconduct and abuse in Hollywood and it's only a matter of time before they're told.

Now for an update on my sesamoiditis. I gave up the boot after 5 days. My foot was hurting more with the boot. I'm trying to find good comfortable shoes I can wear at work but haven't found the right shoes yet. For now I've been wearing my converse because they don't hurt my foot. My work has been understanding at least. I haven't been going for walks or using the elliptical. I'm resting my foot when I can but it's frustrating. I just want this injury gone but it looks like there's no quick recovery time.

Monday, October 23, 2017


From these boots.

To this boot.

I've had some pain in the ball of my right foot off and on for about two months. I finally made it to the podiatrist today and the doctor thinks it's sesamoiditis. She wants me to wear this boot for a few weeks to stop me from bending my foot and give the ball of my foot time to heal. It's really awkward to walk in. I should have listened to my body and taken better care of my foot. No more long walks and elliptical for a little bit. I ordered some foot pads that that my doctor said I could try if I really didn't want to wear the boot but she strongly suggested that I try to use the boot for a bit to give the foot a rest. I'm supposed to go to a concert tomorrow night that's GA standing. Luckily it's more about not bending the foot than just standing on it.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


I love em!

I bought one for me and one for a friend. Who will be the luckily recipient?

Monday, October 16, 2017

In the name of Mars, I will chastise you!

What would I take pictures of if I didn't live in the city? Maybe nature and my yard because I'd actually have a yard. Would I see giant teddy bears in the window of a noodle restaurant in the burbs? I don't know. This is also a reminder that I still need to actually eat at Twelve Hours.

No, I'm not Wonder Woman. I'm Sailor Mars, the agent of love and fire! I tried everything to get the wrinkles out of the skirt. I was afraid the iron would melt the fabric. I guess that's what you get when your costume comes from China.

A few people asked if this was my real hair.

Derek was Rick from Rick and Morty. "The beer is a prop!"

The wig is off and the party's getting started.

So smoke machines set off fire alarms. It was fun for the two minutes it lasted. I have another Halloween party in two weeks and my other costume does not involve wigs or heels. 

Sucker for sunsets.

Upcoming on the blog: My new camera, new LED light, probably more food. It's going to be a busy week.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Is this my new artisan cheese shopping dress?

This dress is perfect! The more I stare at it the more I want it. But it's a $298.00 cocktail dress! I'd have to wear this dress multiple times a week to justify buying it, but where am I going to wear it? When I go to Whole Foods? Where's my organic produce and artisan cheese dress! If anyone would like to purchase this dress for me I promise to take a photo of myself eating fancy cheese in it.

I would also like to mention that the one and only review said it's great for women who don't have much going on in the boob department. Clearly this dress was made for me.

Price: $298.00

Sunday, October 8, 2017


50 minute ferry ride from Boston to Salem. Eat lots of seafood, try on some hats, have a spooky day.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Germana and Andy's wedding

My phone charger stopped working so I only have before and after photos from the wedding. Note to self: bring digital camera to future weddings.

Wedding highlights:

Actually getting to eat the appetizers.

Sam Schoenfeld's bar mitzvah. He's a man now!

Lil Anne smuggling meat in her napkin for later.

Derek actually making an appearance on the dance floor.

Jamie being accused of stalking the New England Patriots. "You know what you're doing here." "No I don't. I'm trying to find my room."

Bugles aka America's #1 finger hat snack.

Noise complaint on the hotel after party. "I bet it was Tom Brady!" Hotel security saved the day by lettings us party in the hall by the lobby.

"You could make a banana pie with that banana!" "I don't know why I just said that..."