Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wine about it

If a place is called the Red Lantern I expect red lanterns. The bar area has a nice vibe to it. It's a shame that there was a bad DJ in the corner attempting to scratch while playing lounge music. Not the right type of music for that dude.

Moving on to Post 390.

We came close to closing so it was dead. I'm not complaining.

This fireplace speaks to me. It's says "order a nice glass of red wine". Who am I to argue with an inanimate object?

This was literally one of the best red wines I've ever had. It better be for $14 a glass! I had two glasses because it was that good. Sometimes you have to treat yourself.

Our original plan was to try to check out Eataly but we took one look at the line and noped that idea. The Italian food will still be there when the crowds die down.

And that is all the energy I have to blog tonight.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

What's this?

Your favorite idiot blogger did something stupid. I take a medication that helps me not feel like I have to pee every minute. That is not an exaggeration. I literally feel like I have to pee constantly if I don't take this medication. Last night I was pretty sure that I forgot to take it but I wasn't 100% sure. I had two options. 1. I could wait and see if I woke up at 4 a.m. feeling like I'm going to pee my pants or 2. Take a pill and not be able to pee well for twenty some odd hours. I chose option 2 and guess what? I must have taken it twice. Sigh. I might need to be an old lady and get a pill organizer.

I know it's not even December yet but I'm feeling the Christmas spirit. I never know what type of mood I'll be in around Christmas. Am I going to be Ebenezer Scrooge or Jack Skellington discovering Christmas Town?

Me at my goal weight. 
I'm kidding! The skin tone is the right color though.

One thing I don't do is Christmas music. I hate it. It's the same songs every year repeated over and over until I want to hang myself with a string of Christmas lights

Even the hipster watch store is getting into the spirit of the season. I really love the copper colored trees but are they artisanal?

Sunday, November 27, 2016

I suppose too much pizza is not really a problem

I love Penguin Pizza but there is one slight problem. The smallest size pizza you can order is a 14 inch which is way too big for a personal pizza, but I can't NOT get the pizza.

Derek wouldn't help me either because he believe pizza needs red sauce. I had to tackle this pizza solo. I ate 3 pieces before I had to call it.

We also played trivia last night and then I got cranky because we were losing. I take trivia very seriously. We were doing really well in the beginning but then we tanked hard. I'm over it now but maybe I should stay away from trivia for a bit.

I went to Fantastic Beasts solo on Friday. It was pretty good. The Harry Potter movies are better but it's a solid addition to the franchise. Eddie Redmayne is great as Newt Scamander. I can't imagine anyone else playing the roll.

 I can't believe the long weekend is almost over! I'm not ready yet. Can I have one more day?

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well I'm stuffed so I think I did Thanksgiving right. Derek and I went to his parent's house on the Cape. We were sent home with enough food to feed a small country. While we were gone Bosco decided to have his own Thanksgiving feast by getting into the trash. It was locked but he still somehow managed to get into it. Looks like we've got a Houdini on our hands.

I can feel the food coma setting in so it's off to bed for me. I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Say yes to the dress and no to the tote

How is Thanksgiving this Thursday? November is flying by.

Adult coloring books are all the rage now. I think this Game of Thrones coloring book might be too advanced for me though. The cover is pretty intimidating. Look at all that shading and crosshatching. Barnes & Noble is one of my favorite stores. If you need a last minute Christmas gift or something for a yankee swap, go to Barnes & Noble. While you're there pick me up a coloring book.

Free range organic Christmas trees at Whole Foods. I wish I could get a small tree but I'm terribly allergic to pine. I can't even use pine scented candles without having a sneezing fit. Bah humbug!

Regina's pizza is in an old train depot. I decided to "mix it up" and get toasted ravs and that was a mistake because they did not fill me up enough and I was still hungry. Live and learn and get pizza.

What can I say, Massachusetts bleeds blue. That's a nice artistic touch on the K there.

I posted this on instagram saying "drink your milk and go to bed". Melissa thought I was actually drinking booze and calling it milk. It was actually milk. At least it's not warm milk. I'd officially be old if I was doing that.

Today was the day! Wedding dress shopping day! It was actually really fun. I wish I could post a picture of the dress but it's a surprise. I really love it. I was trying on dresses and some of them were pretty but I was still on the fence. I put my dress on and the second I looked in the mirror I was like yep. Everyone with me was in agreement. There was another bride trying on dresses in the same dressing area as me and we become bffs for the day. We took some pictures together in our dresses.

These bags. What are these bags? Who buys these? The word wifey makes me cringe. Totes engaged on a tote? Why why why?

Wedding dress shopping makes you hungry. It's a lot of work getting in and out of layers of tulle and fabric. Can we get a Moe's out near my area? This thing was delicious and not spicy so I won't suffer later. Now I'm making myself hungry again. Time to end this blog post and go get some dinner.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Shroom me

I got a raise! It's nothing to buy a Mercedes over but I'll take it. Have I ever mentioned that one of my cousins named her daughter Mercedes Delicious? True story. You know what else is delicious? That mushroom pesto panini from my let's celebrate my raise dinner. I had no intention of making this blog post six degrees of separation but it just happened. I have eaten massive amounts of mushrooms this week and I'm not tired of them yet.

If you're a regular blog reader you'll know why I take these photos in bar bathrooms. In case you're not a loyal blog reader yet, it's a bit of a tradition carried over from my early 20s with my friend Melissa. Still carrying the torch in 2016.

Copley is always pretty. I have so many photos of the Boston Public Library. I love it.

Derek thought he lost his keys on the way home. That was a fun freak out (mostly on my part). He ended up leaving them at work.

When I have phone duty and go to lunch earlier than my co-workers I like to walk around outside for a bit. I have plenty of good walking places nearby. Today I picked the Christian Science plaza to take in the scenery. Ok, it's also a Pokemon Go hotspot. Can a girl get a Ponyta? Am I the only one still playing this?

The infinity pool is drained and being repaired so no photos of that.

Winter is here according to my skin. Any hint of sun I got this summer is gone. Not that I was really tan but at least I didn't look like a vampire. I booked our honeymoon trip to Aruba but that's not until May. Pasty Ginny is here for a while. My mantra this winter is going to be ARUBA IN MAY.

Thanks for the resort recommendation in the comment.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

It's been a long week.

Giant beers were in order on Friday after this stressful week. Thank you Yard House.

This is the closest I'm going to get to Derek smiling for a photo.
After Yard House last night I'm having a low key Saturday night looking up resorts in Aruba for the honeymoon and watching movies. If you've been to Aruba and stayed at an awesome resort let me know.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Staying calm

It looks like an offer was made on my grandmother's house and we're going to accept it. It's a little under what we asked but not by much. The house needs some updates so I'm not surprised. A developer made the offer and will most likely tear the house down and build two houses on the lot. It's a bit sad to imagine the house being demolished but the memories are what's important. It doesn't feel the same with my grandmother gone anyways.

On the front steps with my grandmother on Easter in the 80s
I'm doing my best to stay away from Facebook and social media as I realize that it's just causing me stress. I'm still checking in but not as frequently and I'm not clicking on any political related articles. I tend to be an anxious person and my stress level has been through the roof. I'm distracting myself by learning some Spanish and watching Netflix.

I've been watching Gilmore Girls from the beginning in preparation for the reboot on Netflix. If that's not a feel good show I don't know what is.

Next on my Netflix list is The Last Kingdom.

As a child Uhtred witnesses his father being killed by an invading Saxon army. He's kidnapped by the Saxon's and raised like one of their own. Years later his surrogate family is killed and Uhtred sets out to avenge their deaths and take back his homeland from his uncle. 

Sounds like some real happy uplifting stuff right? It's a nice escape at least and Alexander Dreymon sure isn't bad to look at.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


After voting last night I went over to my friend's house to watch the election results roll in. I was optimistic at the beginning of the night but that feeling was quickly replaced by panic as the night unfolded. How could we elect Donald Trump as president? It truly shows how much hatred lies in the hearts of the American people. All we can do is hold on as best we can over the next four years and hope for better days.

Too nervous to sit.

Hold onto your wine. You're going to need it.

Trying not to panic!
That's really all I have to say because if I keep thinking about it I'll cry again.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Laid up

Yesterday we traveled up to Chelmsford for my cousin's daughter's first birthday. How are we old enough to be getting married and having children?

Kallie opening her gifts with mom and dad.
Kallie had a great time and my gift was a big hit. I got her a toy picnic basket with fake food that plays music. She was not pleased with how long it took for me to get the toy out of the packaging. Why do they make toys so difficult to open? There were at least four zip ties that I had to cut through. Once she had her toy in hand she was happy again.

Time for cake

Taking a selfie
I was feeling a little under the weather due to a few too many beers the night before. It was rough but I had no one to blame but myself. My aunt gave me some ginger ale to help settle my stomach and I think it might have set off my IC (interstitial cystitis). When I got home I had terrible pelvic pain and could feel everything spasming. It was so bad I was almost in tears. Ginger can be a trigger and I think this brand of ginger ale had a lot of concentrated ginger. I was supposed to meet up with friends in my home town on Saturday night but I had to cancel. I'm still upset about that but considering I couldn't move with out being in terrible pain I had no choice but to spend the night laid up on the couch.

Bosco has been keeping me company and Derek has been checking in with me to see if I need anything. What I really need is a new bladder. Hopefully the worst has passed.

Nurse kitty
Here's Kallie enjoying a picnic at 4 a.m. I'm sure mom was thrilled with the early picnic time. Take note blog readers; picnic baskets are big with one year old's.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

The toughest question of the day

What are we doing for dinner?

If I had it my way I'd eat Kraft mac and cheese every night. I admit that I'm lazy and to me cooking is a chore. When I lived by myself I mostly ate meatless meals because it was easier than cooking meat. Sometimes I'd have a taco night but that's easy meat cooking. Derek isn't down for my lazy meals. He doesn't even like mac and cheese! I'm marrying him despite this.

Derek actually enjoys cooking. I told him he's more than welcome to cook every night but he's not down for that either. We tend to alternate cooking dinner since he refuses to be my personal chef. One night he cooks, the next I cook and then the next we eat out or order take out. It's not always in that order but it goes something like that. When it's my turn I usually suggest one of the following meals: home made pizza, tacos or Korean beef bowl. That's basically my rotation. The beef bowl is a new addition and it's fairly easy to make. Tacos are easy too. The pizza you just throw some toppings on a premade crust and you're good to go. Can you sense a theme here? Now that it's getting colder I'll throw soup into the mix and it won't even come from a can.

I don't think I'll ever really love cooking but I'll always love eating.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Lowering the voting age

Who actually thinks lowering the voting age to 16 is a good idea? Teenagers are idiots. I know, I was one and I was an idiot. It's a fact that you really don't stop being an idiot until at least your mid 20s. Age 21? Still an idiot. How about 22? Still a moron. I also think everyone should have to take some type of mental competency test before they're allowed to vote. Do you think the holocaust never happened? No voting for you.

The 16-year-olds can wait two years to vote when they will have hopefully completed enough of their high school education to learn about the holocaust and how it definitely did happen.

*Updated with a comment from my co-worker Lilly who will not comment on my blog but has something to say:

"If you let 16-year-olds vote you know they're going to write in Kanye West for president"