Sunday, July 30, 2017

Party in the White Mountains

I'm back from the mountains of Lincoln New Hampshire. The bachelorette party was so much fun and I think the bride-to-be really enjoyed herself. I know I certainly did.

I left Thursday night with Fiona and Kerry to head up to the cabin in Limerick, Maine. The three of us stayed up until the early morning hours talking and listening to music around the fire. The next morning we were a bit tired but rallied with a good breakfast at the Hungry Hallow.

lake view from the cabin in Maine
It was tough to say goodbye to the lake but the mountains and the bride-to-be awaited us. We took the Kancamagus highway which goes through the White Mountain National Forest. I don't think I've been up that highway since I was a child. I forgot how beautiful it is. We pulled over a couple of times to take in the mountain views.

mountain selfie
After our scenic stops we finally arrived at the house on Loon Mountain. The house was beautiful and huge. We had no close neighbors so we didn't have to worry about disturbing anyone else with our bachelorette shenanigans .

view from the balcony

getting ready for the bride-to-be's arrival
Friday night we hung out at the house eating pizza and listening to music around a campfire. There was dancing and glittery temporary tattoos. Saturday morning was a little rough after staying up late Thursday and Friday. I took a nap to rally for Saturday night.

Saturday night we had dinner at a Mexican Restaurant in town called El Charro. The waitstaff was excited to have a bachelorette party and enjoyed our music selections on the jukebox. We also brought an inflatable blowup man we named Bernie. He was a big hit especially with a toddler at the table next to us.

Dinner at El Charro with the girls and Bernie (bottom right corner)
One of the waitresses suggested that we check out Woodstock Inn Station and Brewery since they usually have a live band on Saturday nights. After consulting the bride-to-be we decided that's where we'd head next.

Bride-to-be with her lightsaber.
The Brewery was packed and there were a lot of bikers who were in Lincoln for a bikers rally. We met Spyder, Buddy and Froot Loop. Sadly I did not get any pictures of them. The band was excellent and so was the crowd. There was one intoxicated woman who latched on to Germana and became a bit obsessed with her lightsaber. Germana's wedding is Star Wars themed so it was a necessary prop. Luckily she got distracted on the dance floor and we made a quick escape to the other side of the bar. We also met a bride who had just gotten married at the Brewery. We were all a little bit tired from Friday night so we headed back to the house around 12:30. and watched a movie on Netflix before bed. Partying in your 30s.

Sunday morning came all to quickly. We cleaned up the house and headed out to Benton's Sugar Shack for breakfast before the ride home. After we were full of pancakes and bacon we said our goodbyes.

Benton's Sugar Shack.  Worth the wait.
I would love to go back to the White Mountains with Derek at some point. I need to go to the mountains more often.

Mountains everywhere you look.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


The bride-to-be (L) and me from recent night out
This is a short workweek for me but it certainly doesn't feel like it. This weekend is my friend Germana's bachelorette party in New Hampshire and I'm not so patiently counting down the days. Who wouldn't be excited for a weekend away with friends? Thursday night I'll be heading up to Maine with Fiona and Kerry and spending the night at Fiona's family's cabin. We'll make the drive to New Hampshire Friday morning to start decorating the house we rented before the bride-to-be and other guests arrive.

We received a group text tonight from Fiona (bride-to-be not included) informing us that she dropped the cake she was making for the bachelorette. I feel for her because this is a total Ginny move and she spent hours working on this cake. Luckily, we think the cake can be salvaged. If not at least we have cupcakes and a funny story to tell Germana. I am responsible for decorations which will be absolutely fine if dropped.

Bag of goodies
Bag of goodies to be revealed in future blog post.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Tempura my world

Thursday night sushi with Fi. Genius idea

Salmon, crab, avocado + eel sauce fried in tempura batter. Bangarang!

Went to TJ Maxx after sushi so Fiona could buy some sneakers. I texted this pic to the husband and told him this was my new hat. He didn't take the bait though. "Find a matching thong and you got yourself a deal."

The Neverending Story is so terrible. I forgot how obnoxious Bastian is. That damn horse scene gets my every time though. I can't even watch it.

This felt like such a long week. Maybe it's the heat? We hadn't been to Bond since our wedding. This is where we had the after party. I told Derek that if we were super rich I would have this lounge built in our mansion. I think I just need some chandeliers in my life.

Husband went fancy. You know it's fancy when you have a giant round ice cube. I really wanted a gin and tonic but I knew my bladder would have been angry with me later if I did. The joys of IC. Lil-Anne got us free drinks by giving a cigarette to a woman at the bar. We tried to decline but she said it was on her company and insisted. After that drink I switched to water for the rest of the night. No hangover for this girl.

Time to wrap this up. The princess bride is on.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Butter fingers

Last night while waiting for an Uber I dropped my phone and shattered the screen. I was not too happy with myself. This morning I had accepted my clumsiness and was planning on going to the Verizon store to see what could be done until co-worker L asked me if I had a screen protector. I in fact did but hadn't thought to take it off and check the actual screen on my phone. Turns out I just shattered the screen protector. I'm a bit embarrassed that I didn't think to check myself.

I did have a couple of very delicious (and strong) White Russians last night which may have contributed to the dropped phone incident, but in my defense I have butter fingers with or without the help of alcohol.

I'm normally a beer or wine drinker but I do love a good White Russian. Even my husband ordered one which really surprised me. The bartender at Good Life remembered us from a few weeks ago when I was giving away extra candles from our wedding. I suppose she doesn't come across someone distributing excess wedding favors too often.

Before I dropped my phone in the street

Friday, July 14, 2017

Why so secretive?

Bosses are being very secretive about upcoming office move. We all know it's happening but don't know when or where. Head boss has been measuring all the furniture and conference rooms.

Me: So are we getting new furniture?
HB: Nope.
Me: ?
HB: .......

L, our receptionist, has been getting curious phone calls regarding our "upcoming move". Does not take Nancy Drew to solve this mystery. Maybe I should start packing up my desk and see if bosses say anything.

Thursday, July 13, 2017


Have been betrayed by a dear food love. Pizza. Ordered a mushroom flatbread pizza at hotel bar last night and started feeling icky not long after. Was in a terrible crying mood by the time we got home, not due to questionable pizza, but other things that I like to bottle up. Husband properly consoled me. Assured him it was really nothing more than beer tears and bad pizza. Stomach woke me up early to remind me it was still not happy. Thought about calling out but made it to work with a little help from my pink friend, Pepto-Bismol. Feel nauseous every time I think about questionable pizza. Hope to reconcile with different pizza in the future but right now it's just too soon.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Mercury is not in retrograde

Had a terrible commute home yesterday. Everyone was annoying me and I was in a foul mood. Got home and announced how terrible my commute was only for Derek to out "bad day" me. Conceded defeat in bad day department to husband. Cancelled Taco Tuesday plans with friends to be a good wife and commiserate over drinks at local watering hole. Luckily said watering hole provided excellent people watching distractions. Thank you hipster with Tom Selleck 'stache and other hipster dressed like a grandmother from the 80s.

Having a much better morning. Got to work early and enjoyed a bagel with no one bothering me. Now must be good daughter and text mother who was also having a bad day yesterday. Mercury is not in retrograde. I checked.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Change of plans

As usual the weekend has flown by. Last week was fairly quiet at work due to the July 4th holiday so I'm trying to prepare myself for what I expect to be a much busier week.

Last night Derek and I had plans to go to Underbones in Somerville but it started raining at the bus stop so we decided to change our plans and go somewhere closer. We decided on Sunset Grill and Tap and got to the restaurant right as it started downpouring. We go to Sunset often enough that we don't really need to look at the menu. Derek always orders a Krusovice and the waiter or waitress always asks to point it out on the drink list. I think that Sunset should rename it "The Derek special". To be fair they have 100 beers on tap and over 150 bottles. I'd be surprised if someone knew every beer they have.

The mystery beer
Chicken empanadas and the steamed beer burger
The rain stopped at some point during dinner and we decided to pop in to Harry's on the way home. We had a drink or two there before calling it a night. We were home and in bed by midnight.

Harry's goes neon
Today I might take a solo trip to the movies to see Wonder Woman. After all, the weekend isn't over yet.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Thursday date night

I woke up this morning wondering why my alarm was going off when it was Saturday. It took me a moment to realize it is in fact Friday and I have to go to work. Not the best way to start the day but at least there's only one day of work left before the weekend.

Last night Derek suggested we meet up after work to have dinner at Wagamama. This is one of our frequented date night spots even during the summer months. We like our ramen. I always order the chicken ramen despite telling myself I should try something different.

creature of habit
After dinner we stopped off at the Weston hotel bar for a few drinks. It's usually not that busy unless there's a convention in the area which is why we like it. They also serve Snyder's honey mustard and onion pretzel pieces at the bar. Whoever made that wise snack decision is ok in my book.

I tried to take a nice photo of us
We discussed various topics over drinks and pretzels such as the popularity of Boyz II Men and weekend plans. I recognized Boyz II Men in a GEICO commercial and Derek had no idea it was them and so their former popularity was called into question. As for weekend plans they are still mostly undecided but they will include sleeping in Saturday morning.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Dinner in the burbs and a visit with Akira

Last night I rented a zipcar and drove out to the burbs to have dinner with my mom. She's on vacation this week and wanted to have a mother daughter night. She offered to come out to Boston but I wanted to visit Akira.

Akira is ready to play
I know what the kitties like
I let my mom pick our dinner location since she is the Framingham expert. She chose a local Irish pub called Owen O'Leary's that she'd been wanting to try.

Looks like a pub alright
The pub is a bit dated decor wise but what really matters is the food and the service. We each got the dinner special which was a three-course meal of either beef, turkey or haddock for $9.99. I was skeptical but our food was excellent and the bartender was friendly and attentive. We were too full to eat the included desert but brought it home for later. Good choice mom.

When I got home from dinner I checked my email and saw that my test results were back from the blood work I had done that morning (talk about a fast turn around time). I've had high cholesterol since I was a teenager without much change so I was expecting the same results. Imagine my surprise when I saw that I am now very comfortably in the normal range. I'm not quite sure what caused the dramatic drop but I can only assume it's due to the amount of nuts, fish and avocado I've been eating. Whatever the reason I'm happy about it.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Two Hamilton tickets or one octopus end table that really ties a room together.

Hamilton is coming to Boston and I really want to see it so I got all excited when I saw that the tickets were finally for sale. Then I saw the price of the cheapest tickets.


Derek's response: "Fuck that I'm out. For something that is gone forever after an hour and a half, huge waste of cash. Rather save for house."

Sigh....I know he's right. We have better things to spend our money on like a house or this amazing Octopus end table!

It has a solid 5 star rating and has glowing reviews such as "for people who like octopuses" and "it really tied our room together". I'm not sure how an octopus ties a room together but I believe you Katie.

Now I just have to convince Derek.

Me: look what I found! Pretty sweet right? And only the cost of two Hamilton tickets.

Derek Cutler: how lovecraftian

Me: There's only two left. According to Amazon we better hurry .

Derek: why are you looking at end tables?

Me: Amazon thought I would like this and I agree. So technically the end table was looking for me.

I mean I didn't get a no...

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

I have tendinitis in my arm but I'm still blogging for YOU America

I wish I could say I got tendinitis in my bicep from something cool like punching Nazis or winning some type of sporting event but I can't punch and I don't really sport. I basically got tendinitis from sitting on my couch. My body hates me.

As you can see, my 4th of July is pretty wild. Just wait until we bust out these vegetarian fed hot dogs from Wholefoods with no nitrates. At least when I go get my cholesterol tested this week and the results come back as STOP EATING SO MUCH DAMN CHEESE I can say I'm eating vegetarian fed hot dogs from Wholefoods, what more do you want from me? 

Anyways, I hope you're swimming in a pool while eating lots of grilled meats with nitrates. This is America after all. 

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Lazy Sunday

I'm a cat bed now. I took a nap earlier and now I'm not tired enough to go to bed yet and so you get this post. The consequences of Sunday naps.

If you like it, post it.

I took this last night to check out my eyeshadow and lip gloss. I like the photo so I'm posting it. No shame in my selfie game.