Sunday, January 29, 2017

Monday, January 23, 2017


This morning a guy started scolding a boy for wearing his backpack on the T and standing too close to him. He couldn't have been more than 10 years old and he looked terrified. Luckily his grandmother and another passenger put this guy in his place. His grandmother said he was just a boy and there was plenty of room on the train if he needed more room. The other woman offered the boy her seat. It was at this point that the guy attempted to explain himself to the woman who offered up her seat. She was not having it and told him he was being rude to a kid. The guy continued trying to defend himself but the woman just ignored him. I saw the kid before this happened and he was just standing there. If he was touching the guy with his backpack he wasn't doing it on purpose. There was room on the train to move so this guy could have moved rather than humiliate a kid on the train.

Our landlord came over today to check on our hot water. We've been taking military showers since the water has barely been lukewarm. It should be fixed soon. I miss my hot showers and not attempting to shave my legs in under 30 seconds.

There's a Nor'easter hitting us tonight. The wind has been a real treat today. My umbrella blew inside out a couple of times until I just gave up and closed the umbrella. You win Nor'easter. I hope you enjoyed blasting me in the face with your wind and rain.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Human on the floor

Getting ready to get my work out on. I still can't get all the eyeliner off my eyes from Saturday night. I've been trying to find one that I like and this one is not it. Goes on like crap and now I can't get it off.

Trying to stretch on the floor with a cat is impossible. I'm sure it's the same if you have a dog. My human is on the floor! Must pester! Must get attention!

A post work out massage?

I give up. 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

I ripped my fingernail off while recycling so basically I should be in charge of the EPA now

I was trying to break down a box to fit it into the recycling bin at work and somehow I managed to rip half my fingernail off. I'm basically bleeding for mother earth over here. Blood sweat and fingernails. I think this means I should be in charge of the EPA now. I think sacrificing a fingernail for the greater good of recycling a box certainly makes me qualified. I do have an associates degree from a community college if you're still unsure of my credentials. I've also never sued the EPA so I have that going for me as well.

Derek says I should just rip the rest of the nail off since it's kind of hanging there but I'm being a big baby and don't want to do that. I thought maybe if I put some nail polish on that would help the nail not be so weak and bendy but that was a terrible idea because nail polish burns on sensitive just had your nail ripped off skin. At least my wounded nail is now glittery.

In other are you sure you're really all there Ginny? news I keep seeing "Invicta Watches" come up on the tv guide and I keep thinking it says "Invicta Witches" and I'm like "Yes, let's watch this show about witches!" and then I realize my brain has fooled me once again. Invicta Witches totally sounds like a legit show though.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Any potato can be a breakfast potato if you open your mouth and try

I didn't have to work today so what does one do with a day off besides lie on the couch and watch Poldark for four hours? One goes to brunch and then goes back to laying on the couch to continue watch Poldark for hours.

So I met some of my best lady friends for brunch at Lulu's. We ordered our food and then the waitress comes back a few minutes later to inform us that they ran out of breakfast potatoes. I'm assuming these are home fries because any potato can be a breakfast potato. French fries at 8 a.m.? I'm down for that. She said they could substitute with tater tots. As long as you get some sort of potato product on my plate I'll be happy. Today I realized how important having potato at brunch is.

Look at those tots. LOOK AT THEM!
I asked for butter for my toast and the waitress says "We only have melted butter. Is that ok?" How do you only have melted butter? I don't understand? Isn't it more work to keep it melted? I'm not angry, just legitimately curious as to why they only have melted butter.

I don't feel ready to go back to work tomorrow. I just want to eat potatoes and watch some more Poldark. Are you sick of hearing me talk about Poldark yet? Ok I'm going to stop now.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Life lesson

Today I was reminded of a great lesson. If you eat only appetizers for dinner you will be starving in the morning. Alas it is literally peanuts until lunch time. I already ate a pear.

My co-worker Bryanne is leaving us for another job. How dare she! Today is her last day. It's going to be rough times until her replacement starts and is properly trained. Guess who gets to train? That's right, this girl. At least I have Monday off for MLK Day.

Bosco is going to the vet tomorrow for his checkup. Let's hope he doesn't need a dental cleaning. Cat's teeth are expensive.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

First snow storm of the year

I finally managed to catch up on some sleep. I wanted to head over to a friend's house last night but I was just too tired so I stayed in and relaxed with Bosco.

Bosco is pleased that I decided to stay in
Derek still has a cough but he's getting better. I know he's feeling better because he made sure to purposely pester me this morning when I was trying to get ready to head to the super market. Today is the first snow storm of the year in Boston. I headed out to the super market as the snow was starting to fall. Have to stock up on the essentials like water, Smartfood popcorn and wine. I'm also making a pot roast in the slow cooker for dinner.

The supermarket was busy which is expected with an impending snow storm but it wasn't terrible. The liquor store in the supermarket is certainly doing some serious business today.

Getting the essentials
By the time I left the supermarket the snow was already picking up. It's tough to see with the snow blasting you in the face. Luckily I didn't have to wait long for the T.

Beginning of the storm

Lugging the "essentials" home on the T
The pot roast is cooking away and I can't wait to eat it for dinner later with a nice glass of red wine.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Stir crazy

I woke up to snow this morning which was a bit unexpected since my terrible weather app did not mention snow. I'm a prepared New Englander though with boots and a jacket that could double as a sleeping bag.

For some reason this has felt like the longest work week, and it's a short work week to boot since I had Monday off. Derek is still sick so our usual weeknight date night did not happen this week. Luckily Fiona asked me to have dinner with her at Harry's last night. I get a little stir crazy if I don't have somewhere to go during the week. I put some money in the jukebox and someone kept paying to bump my songs. They did play eventually but I was a bit annoyed. I guess someone really wanted to hear their songs if they paid extra to bump mine. Overall it was a fun night and I was glad to get out of the house.

Just for fun I looked up the term stir crazy. Here's where it came from according to wikipedia.

"Used among inmates in prison, it referred to a prisoner who became mentally unbalanced because of prolonged incarceration. The term "stir crazy" is based upon the slang stir (1851) to mean prison. It is now used to refer to anyone who becomes restless or anxious from feeling trapped and even somewhat claustrophobic in an environment, perceived to be more static and unengaging than can any longer continue to hold interest, meaning, and value to and for them."

Clearly going to Harry's was good for my mental health.

Happy Friday everyone. I'm excited to sleep in tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The blog must go on

It's only Wednesday and I'm exhausted. Luckily blogging can be done from the couch. Derek has been sick with a nasty cough that's been keeping both of us up all night. I got him some cough medicine that I hope will help. We both need our sleep. I'm hoping I don't come down with this cough too.

This lack of sleep just happens to coincide with a busy and somewhat stressful week at work. We're short staffed and one of the other assistants gave her notice last week. I'll most likely be training the new assistant which means putting aside my work to train. I'm doing my best to catch up before the departing assistant is officially gone but I have a lot of work to do.

My commute home was a bit wetter than expected which meant a packed train. I didn't bring an umbrella with me today since I didn't expect it to rain. I think I need to get a new weather app for my phone.

My brother has been sending me teasing texts about our belated Christmas gifts. Apparently "they" have to make my gift. I'm not sure who "they" are. He said Derek's will be here soon but not mine. I asked him if the gifts were related and his response was "kind of but no." These are terrible clues which I think is the point.

My eyes are starting to burn which means it's time for me to head to bed. I'm not hearing any coughing coming from the bedroom which is a good sign. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Clean out the junk for 2017

I have too much stuff and I'm tired of it. This past weekend I spent some time going through my things and so far I have a garbage bag full of stuff I'm tossing and a box of things I'm going to donate and/or bring to the next fashion swap. I did watch a few episodes of hoarders and while I am by no means a hoarder it did give me the willies. No one needs that much stuff. I think over the past year I've slowly been getting rid of more and more things but now I'm getting to Marie Kondo level here. Well minus the folding. Does this candle spark joy? No more than the 10 other candles I have. Thank you for your service candle but you are no longer needed. That's basically the Marie Kondo method. You're supposed to thank you items that you will no longer be using and then you sleep on the floor with a blanket because you got rid of everything. I'm kidding. I think you get a fork and a knife too.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Auld Lang Blogged

Hello and welcome to 2017! Let's hope it's a good one. I rang in the new year at the Green Briar. I may have gone a little crazy with the streamers.

I'm completely sober in this picture. I'm just weird but we already knew that.

These two are also getting married in 2017. Their wedding is going to be a blast.

Thanks for flipping me the bird Andy. I didn't notice this when I was taking the photo last night.

Someone on instagram told me that Derek looks like James McAvoy in that movie Split. I can see it.

The blurrier the photo the more fun you're having.

I don't really set specific resolutions. I just look at a near year as a reminder that you can do better. Try and exercise a bit more, try and eat healthier. I set a reading goal for myself. I read 25 books in 2016 so I'm bumping it up to 30 books for 2017.

I hope everyone had a happy new year. Here's to more blogging in 2017.