Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Oh my God we're back again

I felt the need to borrow the opening line from the Backstreet Boys' classic "Everybody" for this blog post.

Oh my God we're back again! 

Time to start apartment hunting for September. Welcome to my personal hell. Our apartment is being shown to be rented out and I hope someone rents it soon. The giant pile of charcoal that someone dumped in the hall near our door might be a deterrent but I'm sure some college student will rent it out. Also, not my problem.

My anxiety was amped up to 110 yesterday. I don't like having things up in the air. I'm worried that if we don't find an apartment NOW they will all be gone. It's not even May so I know I'm being a little dramatic but I can't help it. My brain is a jerk.

The best case scenario would be that we can rent a place that my friend's brother owns. I already know what the apartment looks like since I have been there before. It's also not too far from where I live now. We like the area. He's going to check and see if his tenants are renewing.

Next on my anxiety list is following up with the venue we looked at. I sent and email saying YES but still have not heard back. I sent the email Thursday night so if I don't hear anything by Thursday I'm going to call. RESPOND TO ME PLEASE!

Then when both of those things are taken care of I will find something else to worry about.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Marathon Monday recap

I realize it is now Thursday and I'm blogging about Monday but sometimes a girl gets busy with real life.

This year I had a group of friends over for Marathon Monday. I even made mango salsa (which came out really good). We had a few drinks and some light food and then headed over to Cityside for the marathon.

It was a beautiful day out and we got into the bar right away. Cleveland Circle is near the end of the marathon right after everyone has just come off the hills. Basically the runners are ready to be done at this point.

There were a lot more people than this picture let's on. I was trying to get a good angle for the photo but I guess you just have to be there.

Sam Adam's marathon brew. It's actually pretty good.

Koozy man. We talked to him for a bit. He had a pretty amazing backpack made out of koozies. He told us he is going on Shark Tank soon to try to get more funding for his business. He makes koozies with handles and makes the backpacks. I told him I think the backpack would do well. It seemed well made and it's a good idea for a bunch of koozies that you don't know what to do with. His company is called Koozy Designs.

If you've ever wanted to come to Boston, I suggest making the trip for Marathon Monday. It's so much fun.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

One and done (I hope)

Derek and I looked at our first venue and we like it. I had a little bit of a freak out when I was told the limit for the space was 60 for a seated dinner and there was no wiggle room. I thought to myself "if I get shingles again, it's going to be because of wedding planning". I emailed the guy we met with and told him that we liked the place and would see if we could make it work with our guest list. He then replied with some ways we could make more than 60 work. If we moved the start of the wedding earlier in the afternoon we would be able to have more space. Yes! We still need to keep it under 75 but that we can do. Sorry shingles, but you're going to have to save yourself for another stressful time. Don't worry, there will be plenty.

Could we be one and done in the search for a venue? I hope so.

I'm looking forward to the long weekend. We have dinner plans with Germana and Andy at a fancy steak house called Mooo.... that is the exact name. It looks like it's going to be in the low 70s for Marathon Monday! Too hot for runners but not for the day drinkers. I'll let you guess which category I fall into.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The King lives and he comes with a pu pu platter

Can winter be done with? No! This is New England! Here's some snow.

One thing I love about Boston is the random stuff you see just walking around. Like - "here's a lion on my front steps, enjoy!"

The snow has all melted by now but I was not pleased last week. I've been checking the weather religiously for the Marathon Monday forecast. So far it's going to be low 60s and cloudy. I'll take it!

Less than a week away now.

I work near the finish line so I get to see the progress of setting up for the marathon every year.

Friday night was fun.

So was Saturday.

I was going to "take it easy" and I think I jinxed myself by saying that. I didn't know these two but started dancing with them and then when I found out they were from Waltham I asked them when they graduated and it turns out they know my cousins. I texted this picture to my cousin Lauren.

Ah Chansky's. Pretty much my favorite convince store. The employees are always playing good music and their signs are never lacking in entertainment.

Now onto Sunday Funday. Not every weekend it like this, I swear.

We went to an Elvis show at a Chinese restaurant in Weymouth. My former roommate Todd and his girlfriend are well on their way to being townies.

Derek declared that we would be the youngest people there and we were. I'm not a big Elvis fan but it was still entertaining and we ate massive amounts of Chinese food. I was in pu pu platter heaven. I feel very sorry for you if you don't have good Chinese food in you area. My brother misses it in Florida.

Speaking of my brother - he's back from Dubai! He surprised my niece and nephew and the video my SIL sent me was just so cute. This auntie got teary eyed. I can't imagine how hard it was to be apart for months.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Can everything just be planned already?

I've been absent from my blog for a week! Well that's not like me. I have good reason though.

First of all it was Derek's birthday Tuesday. He's finally 30! I've been waiting two years for him to join me in the 30s club.

Second of all I have actually started really getting serious about this wedding planning business. The guest list is already giving me anxiety. I have a large family and by inviting some cousins I have to invite ALL OF THEM apparently. I have 6 cousins on my father's side and 9 on my mother's side (two are off the guest list at least for various reasons). Is it horrible that I hope some of them RSVP NO so I can invite more friends? I keep in touch with quite a few cousins (two of them I consider good friends) but some I never see, pretty much ever. But my mother said I have to do the right thing and invite them even if many of them won't come. Aunts and uncles are also invited so my mom is right, I can't not invite all the cousins then.

We are checking out a venue next Wednesday. It's in Boston and it's a restaurant where we could do the ceremony and reception. My boss is letting me leave an hour early to meet with their event planner with Derek and check out the space. I'm hoping it's one and done. I just want to nail down the venue so I can stop worrying about it. Apparently you need to book things 5 year in advance! Ok I'm exaggerating but everyone has been telling me I need to book the venue now for next spring. I really want a wedding in the city because Derek and I are city folk and so are most of our friends. 

Make it happen universe!

And in other wedding news, my BFF Germana got engaged yesterday. Andy is a great guy and I'm so happy they're engaged! We're having dinner with them soon so I'm sure I'll hear all the details.

Before I go, I'd like to thank everyone for their comments on my last post. I really appreciate it.