Tuesday, May 29, 2018

What day is it again?

Welcome back from the long weekend. Did you also keep thinking today was Monday only to realize that it is in fact Tuesday meaning you almost gave someone the wrong date for a deadline? Just me?

My long weekend was spent mostly at home. Derek came down with a nasty cold that he's still recovering from and everyone else was away. I finished reading Idaho which was beautifully written but quite sad. I'm still four books behind my 2018 reading challenge but with some vacation time coming up I'm not worried about catching up.

I watched the premiere of the Bachelorette and agree with the rest of America that Grocery Store Joe should not have been sent home night one. Groceries are not cheap and he seemed like a nice guy. Bad move Becca.

After a busy day of trial prep at work I came home and watched two episodes of the new Picnic at Hanging Rock miniseries on Amazon. I'll watch anything with Natalie Dormer in it. The mystery is as intriguing as Natalie Dormer's eye wear.

I had to switch to something on the lighter side before bed so here I am blogging. Am I getting my blogging mojo back? I hope so. I've thought about giving up blogging but I just can't seem to quit.

If you're reading anything good let me know in the comments. I'm always looking for suggestions.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Birthday steak and a $24 glass of wine

All dressed up
Saturday night we got dressed up and headed downtown to Abe & Louie's for a nice steak dinner to celebrate our friend Andy's birthday. Andy is married to my best friend Germana and they also got married in 2017. Derek and I got to the restaurant early so we settled into the bar and ordered a drink. I ordered a glass of wine and had a bit of sticker shock when the bill came and the glass of wine was $24.00! Serves me right for not checking the menu first.

Our table was right by a giant ornate mirror. Germana and I had some fun with that.

Double vision

I love giant mirrors
It was tough deciding which steak and sides to order but we persevered. I ordered the bone-in filet. All the sides were delicious but the lobster mac and cheese was my favorite.

The birthday boy digging in
After we thoroughly stuffed ourselves we took an Uber to Bond for cocktails. It was pretty dead for a Saturday night so we had no trouble finding seats at the bar. I have a bit of a soft spot for Bond since it was where we had the after-party for our wedding.

View from the bar at Bond
Despite my best efforts, I lost my umbrella. I'm a bit notorious for leaving umbrellas and I wonder how many are scattered throughout Boston.

A foggy Boston after the rain
After Bond we had one more stop at Golden Temple. We didn't last long though as we were feeling the effects of a large dinner and a few drinks. At least I did spot my favorite GT patron, 80s hairband dude before we headed home to bed.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Back again

You may remember from a previous blog post that I was diagnosed with arthritis of the big toe joint at the I'm not old enough for this age of 34. I had a cortisone shot hoping that would give me some relief for at least a couple of months. Unfortunately, I only had a slight improvement for about two weeks and then I was right back to where I started. I'm very limited in my choice of footwear and can no longer go on long walks. My range of motion in my toe is limited and it's painful to bend. It's left me feeling pretty discouraged. I put it off for a few weeks but finally decided it was time to go back to the doctor. After discussing some options with my doctor I'm going to have surgery to remove any bone spurs and clean out the joint. The surgery is not until August so I have time to read all about the surgery on the internet and freak myself out. I'll be out of work for a week and in a boot but I won't be on crutches. Eventually I'll have the left toe done too but for now it's not as painful as the right toe.

That's enough talk about my feet, let's move on to other exciting topics like seasonal allergies. I'm glad it's spring but wow the pollen is bad right now. Even Derek is suffering and finally caved and started taking Claritin. Spring has arrived but I'll take green grass over snow any day.

Prudential Center courtyard yesterday

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Cocktails at SRV

Spring has finally come to Boston. What better way to enjoy a nice spring evening than with a good cocktail. After a mediocre dinner we wandered down the street and popped into SRV, a wine bar and bacaro in the South End.

I decided on the Aperol Spritz and Derek had the Trotting Horse. Both were delicious. You could really taste the fresh ginger in the Trotting Horse.

I loved the floral arrangement behind the bar and of course the over-sized mirror. I definitely plan on going back to try the food and of course for more tasty cocktails.