Sunday, October 21, 2012

How you like them apples

Derek has been hiding something from me. He's a senior citizen. He received his very first AARP card in the mail. You can't hide your age from me anymore, nor your discounts for being old. I want the early bird specials and discounts on things like glasses and vitamins.

Besides the excitement of the AARP card, I met Derek's parents this weekend. I rented a zip car and drove us down to the cape (Cape Cod for you people outside of New England). It was my first zip trip and it was fun driving a different and newer car. We had dinner and his mother sent us home with leftovers and a bunch of apples. I think the meeting of the parents went well.

Now that I have all of these apples I'm going to attempt to make apple something. What's easier? Apple pie or apple crisp? I'm leaning towards apple crisp. Wait! I can bob for apples by myself. That would be fun and sad, mostly sad.

I watched Walking Dead and American Horror story. I'm not sure how I feel about AHS this season. I can't judge yet because we're only one episode in but one thing that really annoyed me was all the 60s taboos. Oh look! Inter-racial marriage! Lesbians! Really? Come on. It took me a few episodes to get into last season and near the end of the episode I was starting to get more into it so I have hope that it can still be good.

P.S. Adam Levine can't act. Luckily I think his character is going to be dead by the next episode. BYE.


  1. Crisp is marginally easier if you're not used to working with pie dough. Though you know how I feel about that. ;)

  2. Meeting the parents?! Wow. That's a big step!

    1. It's a bit scary but went totally fine. I knew it would but you can't help a little bit of nerves.