Sunday, October 28, 2012

I'll give you a quarter for that tooth

Last night I cut up an old bridesmaid dress, put on some wings, grabbed some pliers and transformed into the tooth fairy.

Derek needed some major work done. Lucky for him he's dating the tooth fairy.

Thumbs up for modern dental care.

I look horrible in this picture but Melissa texted me that I didn't post any pics with her in it so here you go. Enjoy! I will sacrifice my model reputation on the internet.

Angry birds get thirsty.

Angry birds scare their girlfriend's

Angry bird down!!

Angry bird photo bomb CAW!! R2-D2 needs a tune up. IN THE MOUTH.

It now looks like I have a horrible rash on my hands from fake blood. Good think I didn't spray it all over.

I had Derek cut the once floor length dress. He did an excellent job. I think he has a future as a seamstress.

Happy Halloween everyone.


The evil tooth fairy.

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  1. We're cooped up for Sandy! No one is having parties :(