Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Jesus is Jesus and I like presents.

Ok I admit I've got the holiday spirit. Thanksgiving is tomorrow and after that it's full steam ahead to Christmas and then New Years and then I cry until spring because it's cold and there's no more feasting days and presents.

You know what really got me in the holiday mood? Derek telling me he already got my Christmas present. If presents don't get you in the Christmas spirit than I don't know what will. Oh, maybe baby Jesus.....Do you ever wonder if Jesus gets pissed that he never gets the presents for his birthday? I'd be pissed. Everyone else gets presents to celebrate your birth but you get a pray. I guess that's why Jesus is Jesus and I'm not, because I would so care about that. I'm also not a carpenter and my crib wasn't a manger if you needed any more proof of me not being Jesus.

I'm not good at waiting for presents. I always want them NOW. At least I won't search for them anymore. When I was a kid I would try to find my Christmas presents. My mom was smart though and hid most of them in the trunk of her car. I never thought to look in the trunk of the car? I always looked in the closets or under the beds.

My mother would also put a note on our tree from Santa saying that we won the best decorated tree in the world award. We were so proud. Number 1 in the world is a big deal.

Look at me getting all wrapped up in Christmas memories when it's still November. This blog is just as bad as the malls.

I hope all of you have a good Thanksgiving and if you're going shopping on black Friday you are absolutely out of your mind. But if you are out and see anything that just screams GINNY please feel free to get it for me.


  1. Don't cry, Ginny. Winter is a reason for pretty scarves and cute hats. And we can totally have feasting on Crab Rangoon Day in February if you want. (Okay, not an official holiday, but hey... crab rangoon.)