Thursday, March 14, 2013

Breaking News! Pope is a humble man

We can all rest east guys. Pope Francis is "a very humble man". Unlike any pope we've ever had before. I know we're all used to a pope that show boats but not this time.

Pope Francis makes his own meals! How humble is that? I usually have my servants make me my meals.

The new pope also takes public transit

In some ways, Pope Francis is just a normal guy. 
"The new pope is a very humble man," said the Rev. Eduardo Mangiarotti, an Argentine priest. "He takes public transport every day."

Who does that? Who actually takes public transit? I'll tell you who, a very humble person.

Just don't be too humble and give up the pope mobile Francis.

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  1. Does this mean they have to push him around in his little hermetically sealed glass case from station platform to station platform? I hope he gives up his seat for disabled people