Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy everyone's Irish day

I got a Narragansett and I regretted it after one sip. I don't know what came over me. Never again.

Kri face.

The ghost whisperer. I will always be pale.

Fun Tavern fact. You can borrow their books and read them and bring them back. I've done it.

He missed the memo. It's not Cinco De Mayo yet essay. I still dig the outfit.

Melissa taking sneaky shots and me swiping them from her instagram. You should follow her (she's pepperjane).

It was fun lady times with Melissa, Kri and Amy. The Tavern was low key and I'm glad. I wasn't in the mood for crazy St. Paddy's day times.

I advise staying out of downtown Boston or Southie on St. Paddy's day unless you're looking for drunken insanity. I did the parade one year and that was enough for me. The bars and streets are so packed it just wasn't my thing. I much prefer hanging out with my friends in Brookline.

And happy 10 months Derek! <3

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