Monday, May 27, 2013

Sometimes I just don't get contemporary art. I like it old school.

Derek and I went to the Museum of Fine Arts today. Admission was free this weekend.

I saw many items that I wanted like mini llamas.

And artwork that I just don't get.

Is it tinfoil? Weird.

And we can't forget the giant cheese grater for your giant cheese.

The MFA has some very recognizable paintings.

It's strange seeing a famous painting in real life. It's like meeting a celebrity.

This is how Derek and I watch tv.

I call this painting "well this sucks...."

Fancy museum walls.

We walked around for about two hours and then ate dinner at Fridays. We can't be classy all day.

I also saw the new Star Trek movie and I really liked it. The ladies were squealing for Benedict Cumberbatch. The dialogue got a lot of laughs.

I think over all I had a very productive long weekend.

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  1. I describe everything in a museum as 'fancy' I can't help it. Also, I often wonder how long I am supposed to stare at a painting.