Monday, July 22, 2013

The lights are on but who knows what's happening in there

We call our mail lady at work crack head Sally. There is a very good reason - we think she's on drugs. She can often be found on the sidewalk smoking a cigarette and reading a gossip magazine while we're waiting for our mail, which is already late. If you talk to her she looks at you like you just asked her the most difficult question anyone has ever asked someone in their whole entire life.

We often find her sleeping in the mail room and will attempt to wake her up so we can get the mail. Sometimes she wakes up and sometimes she does not so we leave and come back. We've complained to the post office but nothing has changed. We are stuck with crack head Sally.

We went to check for our weekend mail and the light is on but there is no mail yet. It must be time for her morning nap.

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