Tuesday, October 8, 2013

So last night I saw AFI

They were awesome. It's been a few years since they've been back to Boston.

Here are a few highlights:

+ Davey Havok doing a front flip into the crowd during Girl's Not Grey and continuing to sing while crowd surfing.

+ Very large dude just wrecking everyone in the mosh pit. (I stayed on the balcony because I'm old and boring)

+ "Are the Misfits some gang?" "Is that a serious question?"

+ Girl crowd surfing in her bra. Not sure what happened to her shirt.

+ People moshing to a Cure cover (Just Like Heaven)

+ Encore was Dancing Through Sunday followed by Silver and Cold

+ Girl with leggings as pants or maybe they were actually tights but either way she was wearing glittery underwear

Super stealth shot. This is never ok.

Royale is an interesting venue. It's normally a club and I really liked the decor and all the little seating areas. I did not like the $7.00 beers. Come on people. $7.00 is just robbery.

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