Wednesday, December 4, 2013

25th Floor Drinking Team at the Salty Pig

Every once in a while all the businesses that reside on the 25th floor meetup after work for some food and drinks (mostly drinks). We complain about the companies that work on the other floors and try to guess the names of the other people who work on our floor but don't make it out.

Last night we met up at The Salty Pig. When we first walked in the place was empty. We were put into a corner as we were told there was going to be a large party arriving later that would take up half of the small restaurant. It is the season for work parties and the like so there's not much you can do about that.

Here's a picture of the very empty restaurant when we first arrived.

I've never eaten at the Salty Pig due to it's unusual menu (at least to me) of "salty pig parts". This is not a vegetarian's ideal restaurant. I'm not a vegetarian but reading the words "salty pig parts" makes me a little queasy. Elizabeth took charge and ordered us some good sampler platters and a yummy white pizza.

Fried egg on a pizza? Weird but not bad.

The meats were actually very good and not gross at all. I don't know what I was expecting really but I was pleasantly surprised and full of salty pork and beer by the end of the night.

I think my favorite thing at the Salty Pig is the little notebook that comes with your check. Customers just write or draw whatever they feel like and I spent at least 10 minutes flipping through and laughing.

Pretty good Simpsons drawing if you ask me. A bit like the early era Simpsons.

Sad times my piggy friend. I'm sorry for eating pork! :(

Our contribution (mostly, my contribution with Justin adding the belly button to the pig).

The bathrooms of the Salty Pig were covered with comics. I LOVED it. Who doesn't want to read some comics when you're sitting down for a wee.

Here is your favorite Boston blogger taking the all important bathroom selfie.

I'm lucky to have such fun people that work on my floor. We don't actually work together and yet we see one another everyday in the halls, elevators and bathroom so it's nice to actually meetup and hang out. We're thinking of planning a floor party in January in one of the offices.

Today is going to be a long day my friends, but at least I know I do not suffer alone.

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