Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I mistakenly thought today was a bad day.

Wake up at 6:15 a.m. which is way too early for me. The birds were all chirping like "good morning! It's such a lovely birdie morning. CHIRP CHIRP!" I do not understand how they can sound so happy when it is so cold. Tell me your secrets birds, but later in the morning when I'm awake.

Get on the T and I get a seat because it's so early. Point to the good day column.

Arrive at my dentist's office at 7:30 and have teeth drilled. Annoyed at myself for making a dental appointment so early. Get into the office and realize I can't eat breakfast because I can't feel my face. This cancels out the seat on the T.

Lunch time comes and I can feel my face again! Time to stuff it with a FREE birthday burrito from Boloco. I order a gigantic summer burrito. One burrito point in the good day column.

Client calls at 5 and I stay late speaking to the client. I'm ok with this because I only stay 10 minutes later.

Walk through Copley and see there is going to be a new hot pot restaurant opening. One chopstick point for hot pot!!

Get to the T and the B line is packed. No surprise but still annoyed. But wait! A B line train comes right after the packed one and someone gets off the next stop giving up their seat. I had a seat on the B line at 5:20 p.m. Put this one down in the history books! One wiggle room point for getting on the train and one buttocks point for the seat.

So if you're keep track that's

-1 waking up early point
+1 buttocks point
-1 drilling point
-1 face numb can't eat point
+1 burrito magic point
+1 chopstick point
+1 wiggle room point
+1 buttocks point

I'm not too good at math but I think this equates to an overall ok day.

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