Friday, May 30, 2014

Jacob Williamson is the best Spelling Bee contestant ever

Last night I watched the Scripps Spelling Bee for the first time. No one ever told me how entertaining the Spelling Bee is. I'm not even exaggerating, I was hooked.

Ansun Sujoe of Texas, and Sriram Hathwar, 14, of New York, were the first co-champions in over 50 years. They basically ran out of words on the list to give them so they both won.

The star of the Spelling Bee for me was Jacob Williamson.

Jacob was so excited because he totally knew how to spell kabaragoya except he didn't. Don't worry Jacob you were still the star of the Bee. Hopefully he's proud of himself because he was in the final six and is obviously a very smart kid.

I can't spell for the life of me so watching all of these kids spell words I've never heard of is very impressive. Half of the words didn't even sound like the English language. Apparently you should know French, German, Latin and Japanese to win a spelling bee. All I can say is thank God for spell check.


  1. I am also a poor speller. If not for spell check I would not even attempt to blog. Those spelling bees are fun to watch.

    I remember the spelling bees in school. Every year it seems I got a proper noun and for got to say "Capitol" "Christmas...c h r i s t m a s Christmas." "Sorry Joe...CAPITOL C!!!"
    Oh well I wouldn't have gone very far anyway.

    1. I would have done that too. I mean come on you spelling the word right!