Sunday, May 11, 2014

The best friend is back in town

My friend Melissa has moved back to Boston. We had one of our usual lunch dates at Panera followed by frozen yogurt. Apparently I'm very good a frozen yogurt presentation because the cashier commented on how nice it looked. Maybe I have a career as a frozen yogurt artist.

I told Melissa about this woman on the T the other day that was right out of some SNL skit. Every time the train moved she would say really loudly "Woah! Woah Mr. train conductor! Slow down I can't get injured here!" She was completely serious about it too. As we're sitting on a park bench with Melissa's dog I hear this voice say "that's a small dog there!" and I look up and try so hard not to laugh because it's the same woman. 

I'm sure Melissa missed my amazing sense of humor while she was gone.

"Yea this thing has seen better days."

"It's been the star of many plays? ........"

"Did you really just say that?"

Yes, yes I did.

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