Friday, May 9, 2014

Upcoming TV shows I will not be watching

Maybe I'm being a bit judgmental here judging shows before they even air but sometimes you see a tv premise and you just go huh? Why would anyone watch that?

The CW has picked up a show called Jane the Virgin. The premise is a young religious Latina woman accidentally gets artificially inseminated. It's listed as a "dramedy". I'm expecting lots of Virgin Mary jokes and references. You'll have to tell me if I'm right on that though because I won't be watching.

Mark Wahlberg has a new reality series coming out about MIT grads trying to start a micro-brewery. The show is called "The Big Brew Theory". And so the tradition continues of Mark Wahlberg trying to make a reality tv show out of anything in Boston.

I think my Boston based reality tv show idea is much better. It's called "Ginny tries to get home from work when there's a Red Sox game." It's a working title but I think you get the idea. It will be a dramedy with a dash of horror.


  1. Artificially inseminated? I might watch just to see how that premise happened, but yeah it sounds pretty lame. They had better have a good laugh track.

    1. Maybe just watch the pilot episode to see how that happens. I don't think I could make it longer than that ha ha

  2. Hm, how does one "accidentally" get artificially inseminated? Crap, I might have to watch an episode to see how this goes down. Curse you CW!