Sunday, June 1, 2014

Saturday night in Slumerville

Somerville has changed drastically over the years. What used to be known as a sketchy place to live is now they place to live. They didn't call it Slumerville for nothing.

I moved to Somerville in my early 20s because it was cheaper than living in Boston but still very accessible by T. At that point in time Somerville was considered much safer than it used to be but it was still fairly affordable. I had discovered the perfect city to live in.

It didn't take long for everyone to realize that Somerville was a great place to live. Now the rents have skyrocketed and I probably couldn't afford to live there anymore, that is if someone would even be willing to give up their apartment. Davis Square is the new hipster mecca.

I swear I have a point to this story. Not all of Somerville has been converted to hipster paradise. There are still some parts away from Davis Square that remind me of how Somerville must have been like before it was this new up and coming city.

The Twin Lobsters sign was in the window of a really sketchy looking bar/restaurant. I stopped to take a photo and this guy walks by and says to me "those twin lobstahs are real good fuck'n deal". Well then. We did not partake in the twin lobsters deal but made our way to the East End Grille which is very much like the new Somerville.

It's interesting seeing how a city changes over time.