Saturday, July 19, 2014

Black and white and very cute

Mr. Binx goes back to his real cat mother today who also happens to by my real human mother. We have been spending some quality time together before I drop him off at my mother's. What are we doing you may wonder? Well, we are playing with toy mice and hair ties (one of his favorites) and walking around the apartment together remembering the good times we've had. We took a little break where I typed this blog post and Mr. Binx rubbed on the corner of my laptop. Classic Ginny and Mr. Binx. I'll still see him when I visit my mother.

My property management company things I have just one cat and now this is true. Although I didn't exactly lie on my application. They asked me to describe my cat and I wrote "black and white and very cute". It's the truth!

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  1. My parents have a pair of cats (brothers) who look just like that pair. One has a black nose and the other has a pink nose. They're so cute!