Sunday, September 14, 2014

I saw the sign

Despite what you might think from the photos in my last post I woke up early today and was not hungover. I went to Payless and exchanged some shoes. I am now proud owner of leopard print sneakers and comfortable dress shoes for work. Finally!

After shoe shopping I went to visit my mother for lunch. She's been having a hard time since her boyfriend Tony passed so I've been spending more time with her. We watched a pretty horrible movie that she rented from Redbox called "Legendary: The Tomb of the Dragon". Bad acting, horrible CGI and plot holes were all present. It's not even laughably bad like Sharknado, it's just bad. Why my mom picked this, I'll never know. We both fell asleep at some point. Dolph Lundgren plays the bad guy and he was the only actor I recognized in the movie.

I was walking back to my apartment after visiting my mom and this woman stops me in a panic and says "you do know it's street cleaning tomorrow, they'll tow you!" Yes I do know this lady and I'm walking down the street not driving so why would you feel the need to tell me this? You don't even know that I have a car. She then showed me the sign she made to let people know that street cleaning is tomorrow. I guess the signs posted all up and down the street by the city are not enough. I told her it was a nice sign.

When I got home I finally updated my E-ZPass for my current car. No more waiting in line at the tolls. Eat my exhaust suckahs!


  1. I don't drive on toll roads much, but man when I do I wish I had one of those E-Z Passes so I didn't have to stop at every freakin' toll booth. Sigh. I've always wondered how much they were.

    Sorry to hear about your mom's boyfriend, at least you are keeping her company. :) And uh... what a weird lady lol you're a pretty awesome person for telling her that her sign was nice haha


    1. I think the prices vary from state to state. Some tolls you get a discount if you use the pass.

      And thank you :)

  2. Hey! It's street cleaning today. Did you know???

    1. No idea until I saw that sign. Thank God