Thursday, September 25, 2014

It's happening. The quarter life crisis.

As of right now my life is going pretty good. I have a great boyfriend, amazing friends, a loving family and a decent job but despite all of that I think I'm having a quarter life crisis. I've been wondering what the heck I'm doing. Do I want to be a legal assistant the rest of my life? I like my job but I think part of that is because I'm comfortable there. Should I stay because I'm comfortable? I think the answer I think is no. I want more. I want to make a name for myself. I want to DO something.

When I was younger I thought I would be married with multiple kids by the time I was 30. Life doesn't work out exactly the way you planned it when you were 10 (thank God). I honestly don't know when or if I'll have kids. Certainly not now when I'm wondering if I'm on the right career path. There's also the whole enjoying my social life and not feeling financially secure enough to have a child. I can barely cover my cat's medical expenses and still have debt I'm trying to pay off. I know it's not the right time.

I met up with my cousin for dinner and drinks last night and she mentioned that she's questioning if her job is the right job for her and what she should do. Go back to hair dressing? Nursing school? (She works at a hospital now but not as a nurse). I told her I felt the same way. I don't see law school in my future. I'm too much of a sensitive person, at least to practice family law. I have this feeling that there's something else I should be doing.

I'm always one to trust my gut. If only my gut could send a detailed message to my brain with the specifics.

I know I'm not alone though. I feel like quite a few people in my life are experiencing the same feelings and it's helpful to just talk about it. Despite not knowing what I should do I believe at some point it will become clear. Life takes twists and turns that we don't necessarily expect and that keeps things interesting for sure. I'm still learning what will make me happy and how to make that happen and if I work towards that I have faith that it will all work out in the end

And hey if you're feeling this way too, it's ok. We're in this together. We'll figure it out.

It's time to make a start
To get to know your heart
Time to show your face, time to take your place

In every speck of dust
In every universe,
When you feel most alone, you will not be alone


  1. Is it something about your late 20s/early 30s that makes you want a change? I'm trying to change careers right now myself, and I'm not entirely sure what direction I want to go in. I wish I at least was in a relationship- being single and not liking your job doubly sucks. So I'm doing my best to change things.

    1. I really think there is. We realize we're getting older and need to start "figuring it out". There's some pressure in that for sure. Luckily for the most part I like my job, mostly because of my co-workers, I just want something more.

  2. I liked my previous job because it was safe and I was comfortable... I ended up quitting so I could do my own thing from home (selling illustrations) sometimes I regret quitting but even tho I was comfy at that job I was also really sad and depressed. I wanted something different... If that's how u feel then u should make it happen!! Good luck with whatever your choice will be :)


    1. Wow that is seriously awesome and brave of you! :)

  3. I have no idea what I'm doing with my life. I like my job. It's comfortable but I still feel challenged which is a good thing. Here's a toast to all of us who have no idea what the hell is going on!

  4. 50 is a fast approaching train for me. I'm in college getting a degree I should've started a year or three ago, but didn't because I couldn't decide what to do.

    Welcome to the club!

  5. By the time I was 30 I had tried four different careers and wasn't happy in any of them. I finally ran out of plans, and landed up in the family business for lack of anything else to do. For all my complaining about it, it suits me better than any job I've ever had. I've been there for 12 years, and despite all the drama I wouldn't choose to leave. The moral of the story for me was that things turn out better when I don't have a plan.

  6. I'm only 22 but I spent three years training to be a teacher (UK) and after my first year on the job I seriously questioned it! I hated how schools are run and the whole backwards system. I spent two months unemployed and now I found a job I love doing education workshops for an environment charity, the UK's Eden Project. I spent months thinking omg what am I doing!? Was my degree a waste of time? I hope you figure out what it is you want to do :)