Saturday, September 13, 2014

The story behind the Annabelle doll and my own experience with a creepy doll.

If you saw the Conjuring you'll remember the very creepy Annabelle doll.

Now Annabelle is getting her own movie.

From IMDB: John Form has found the perfect gift for his expectant wife, Mia - a beautiful, rare vintage doll in a pure white wedding dress.

I would not describe this doll as "beautiful" and I think John needs a lesson in gift giving.

The real Annabelle doll is actually a Raggedy Ann doll.

The Annabelle doll was given as a gift to a nursing student named Donna in the 1970s from her mother. Donna and her roommate contact a Medium after weeks of strange things happening with the doll such as finding the doll in different parts of the apartment when they returned home and notes being left in childlike handwriting saying things such as "Help Us" or "Help Lou". The Medium contacted the spirit of a little girl named Annabelle Higgins who had died on the property where the apartment was built. She claimed to like the girls and wanted to stay in the apartment. The girls gave Annabelle permission to inhabit the doll if she stopped doing things that scared them.

Things only got worse. The girl's friend Lou was mysteriously attacked in the apartment with claw like marks on his chest. This prompted the girls to call a priest, Father Hegan. It was Father Hegan who contacted the Warren's. The Warren's determined that the doll was not possessed but haunted. Spirits do not possess inanimate objects, they possess a person. The spirit was moving the doll around to make the girls think that the doll was possessed but really the spirit was looking to possess a person. Annabelle the little girl never existed. By giving the doll recognition and then giving it permission to inhabit the doll they invited this inhuman spirit into their lives.

The Warren's determined that by the amount of activity they were still in the infestation phase. An exorcism was performed and the Warren's took the doll with them at the request of the girls. The doll is now in the Warren's occult museum at their home in Connecticut. 

You can read more about Annabelle here.

I used to be a big fan of the Raggedy Ann doll.

I used to sleep with her at my grandmother's house. Good thing I had no idea about this as a child. I was very particular about the dolls I liked. Certain dolls scared me and I wouldn't want them in the house.

A couple years ago my friend Melissa found a doll and took it home with her. I came over and saw the doll and was like "what is that!". She told me it was a doll she found but weird things had been happening since she brought the doll home. She told me that her clock radio in the kitchen was going off all the time even in the middle of the night but the alarm was not set. This happened when I was at her apartment and we both went over and tried to turn off the radio and it would not turn off! We finally got it to turn off. Melissa got rid of the doll the radio stopped turning on by itself.

Anyone else have a creepy doll story?