Thursday, November 20, 2014

I'm moving into a panic room and training my cat how to use a flame thrower

Oh hey guys. If you need me I'll be moving into a panic room. If you know me at all you know I freak out over everything but I have a legit reason to be freaking out this time.

So about a week or two ago Derek and I found a bright orange WARNING on the door to our apartment building. It was a waning from the Boston police department to be on the look out because there has been an increase in break-ins in the area. Derek showed me a crime map of our neighborhood and it is not good, not good at all. There have been many break-ins recently and it freaked me out.

Tuesday I get a knock on my door. I open the door and it's my neighbor who shares the first floor with us in our building. He asks me if I noticed anything suspicious as he was robbed!!!! I asked him how they got in and he said through the windows in the front. Of course the front windows are the only windows that don't have bars on them. They forced open the window and left through the door. They did not break the glass so from the outside you couldn't tell.

I am of course freaking out. I didn't sleep well and have still been stressed about it. I'm mostly concerned about my cat Bosco.  I don't want him getting out or hurt. Honestly Derek and I don't have super expensive crap. We have laptops but no ipads or other fancy eletronics, my tv is old and is on its way out and I have no expensive jewelry. It's more the violation that bothers me and the fear of my cat getting out.

Derek and I went to Home Depot and got another set of bars for the window that is right off the porch. We also have wood poles that go in the windows to prevent them from being opened even if they're locked. I feel a bit better now but I'm still nervous. I would think that the burglars wouldn't hit the same apartment building twice but who knows! It seems that they've been making their way up and down the street. The crazy thing is that they usually do it in the morning after people have left for work or school.

Needless to say I can't wait for our lease to be up in August. I am so glad Derek was working from home that day or it could have been us.

But seriously, I am training Bosco to use a flame thrower so back to fuck off!


  1. Ai ai ai, that is disturbing. It's a bold thief who will climb in a front window in broad daylight. I live on the first floor of a building, so sometimes I worry a little about that kind of thing, but so far our little condo complex has been safe. *fingers crossed*

    1. If it was a better neighborhood I'd feel better. We are out of here in August.

  2. I've had my house broken into and absolutely the worst part is the violation. Feel like someone picked through MY STUFF. I had a laptop stolen and that sucked too because of course none of that stuff was properly backed up. -_-

    I hope you and Boscoe and Derek stay safe. Tell B to be responsible with that flame thrower and that it's for self defense and not a toy.

    1. Ugh I can't believe that's happened to you. It's horrible.

  3. That's really scary. And I'm with you on the violation -- although it would suck to have your stuff stolen, it's the idea that someone is going into your personal space and committing a crime that's the scary part.

    I think the cat training is a good idea... might want to get him some nunchucks while you're at it.