Friday, November 14, 2014

Let's just change the name of Thanksgiving to Black Friday Eve

Best Buy has decided this year to open at 5 p.m. on Thanksgiving for Black Friday. That's one hour earlier than last year. Their reason is that other stores do and because they didn't open that one hour earlier last year lost money.

Well Best Buy why not just open on Thanksgiving morning at 6 a.m. I mean it's not like your workers have families and if there are people already camped out outside of your store two weeks before Thanksgiving clearly they don't want to spend time with their families either. They also don't have jobs. Wouldn't any true American chose a bargain on a tv over spending time with their loved ones or getting a job?

Let's just change the name of Thanksgiving to Black Friday Eve. It's like Christmas Eve but instead of people going to mass everyone will wait in lines.

So on this years Black Friday Eve I hope you gather round the table with your loved ones (unless they are working retail of course) and map out your plan of attack for the best deals. Maybe bring your unemployed aunt who's been waiting outside of Best Buy for two weeks an extra blanket. God bless her strength for waiting in lines for the best deal on a TV.

After you get your deals don't forget to gather round the tv to watch news coverage of people being trampled in a Walmart or a mother punched in the face for hoarding Xboxes.



  1. And the sales are just getting rid of the crap they have been sitting on for 6 months because no one really wants it...except for a few come on items that no one I know ever gets.

  2. There's not enough ANYTHING in the world to get me to shop on Thankgiving OR Black Friday. No thank you.

  3. No door bustin' for me either. And that's why I don't work retail - well... one reason.

  4. I'm sad to report that Canada has begun having Black Friday sales too, to keep from losing money to cross-border shopping. At least our Thanksgiving is already over by then, so that we don't have to suffer the severe irony of people showing their "gratitude" by trampling each other to get more stuff.

  5. It makes me sad for retail workers for sure. Not only do they have to work instead of spending some time with family and friends, they have their busiest day is the season and have to deal with all the crazies pushing and shoving to get a tickle me Elmo (or whatever the "it" toy is these days). Merica indeed!