Sunday, December 28, 2014

Ghost hunting at the Omni Parker

Ok so we weren't really ghost hunting but I did keep my eyes peeled when I stayed at the Omni Parker House this weekend. It's supposedly one of the most haunted hotels in the North East.

Many famous people have stayed and worked at the hotel. Ho Chi Minh and Malcolm X both worked there. John Wilkes Booth stayed there not long before he assassinated Abraham Lincoln. JFK had his bachelor party there. There was the Saturday Club where writers, philosophers, scientists and historians gathered for dinner. Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow were members of the Saturday Club. The hotel certainly has a rich history.

I love the feel of the Omni Parker. It feels like history. The lobby and elevators are beautiful.

The only ghost we saw was Casper because the movie happened to be on tv when we were drinking our champagne in the room. Probably for the best because I would have been freaked out if I actually saw a ghost.

I highly recommend renting a hotel room rather than exchanging gifts with your significant other. We already buy the things we want for ourselves so why not do something fun and different?


  1. I love your idea of renting a room as a gift. We all need to escape from our lives and do something different!