Saturday, January 10, 2015

Thailand mail

Is way cuter than US mail.

Just look at this elephant family on their postage!

If you're wondering what I ordered.

A Sailor Moon *t-shirt from etsy. Come on spring, I'm ready for you.

*Thank you LL Cool Joe for pointing out that I typed t-shit!


  1. It's always fun to get things through the mail, but I have to say I never take the time to look at the stamps, now I will.

    I'm sure you don't really think your t-shirt is "shit" do you? ;)

    1. hahaha. I am horrible at catching my spelling mistakes.

    2. I make typos all the time! Sometimes I look back over some of my old posts and cringe at the spelling mistakes and think why didn't someone tell me! :D

  2. Cute! And if there is such a thing as t-shit, I'm sure someone sells it on etsy.

  3. That wins my typo of the week award.