Monday, July 20, 2015

In 11 hours I'm going to wake up more enlightened than you and will have found my twin flame. Thanks youtube!

I told Derek to remind me in the winter when I complain about the cold and snow how I complained about the heat in the summer. Don't worry, he won't forget to remind me. Honestly this summer hasn't been the worst it just feels like it's the worst right now. Ah the humidity!

Here's me going to work today.

I picked a nice flower for you. It made me sneeze because I have allergies. Hope you appreciate the effort I went through to give this to you!

We are all swamp people! Let's gather together (ok not too close because it's hot and we're all gross and sticky) and complain about the heat!

I'm listening to zen music as I'm typing this because I think I've been too stressed lately. I think I found a good mix on youtube but looking through the choices it was very difficult to decide. One video is 6 hours of flute music?! I'm just imagining My Heart Will Go On for SIX LONG HOURS. Obviously I would never listen to any of these for six hours straight but who put together six hours of flute music?! Ok I just took a little listen and although it's nice I just think I'd want to mix it up from hours of flute. There's some nice visuals of flutes and Native Americans in case you forget what you're listening to.

Then there's 11 hours of Tibetan healing sounds. ELEVEN HOURS. If I listen to that overnight I better wake up like Grandpa Joe in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

I'm healed!!!

Now this last option I'm sharing will attract your soul mate and manifest my twin flame! Did Tina Belcher upload this? Now what if I listen to this and I wake up and I'm like "Derek, you're my twin flame!" He would probably look at my like I'm crazy but the youtubes is real and will cure all my ailments and let me know if we're soul mates or drive us mad with flutes! Thank you youtube and random relaxation music!


  1. Ugh, humidity! We're relatively dry here, but I still complain at the least sign of mugginess.
    I use a 10-hour youtube video of "white noise" to help me do my homework amid the testosteral chaos around here. I've yet to feel like Grandpa Joe afterwards. Good luck!

    1. I usually always have the tv on as background noise (doing it now). I used to have a sound machine and I couldn't do the white noise for some reason.

  2. I can only take so much "relaxation music". Then it starts to have the opposite effect, i.e. inducing rage.

    I watched a movie this week called "Life After Beth". It was actually pretty good. I'm not really a zombie movie lover, but this one was funny. One plot point was that the zombies could only be soothed by listening to "smooth jazz". I thought that was a great idea.

    1. Ha ha. I could totally see that happening.

      I heard Life After Beth was good. I have to check it out. I don't know if smooth jazz would sooth me ha ha.