Sunday, November 8, 2015

Designer hoodies and pristine trainers all the better to trample you with. No thanks Balmain H&M

H&M does this thing now where they collaborate with a high end designer and then people trample each other so they can sell the crap on ebay for a profit. Target has done it too and I'm sure they'll keep doing it since it seems to be so successful.

Here's a video if you want to see stupidity in action.

The Guardian talks about how it went in London.

Students in designer hoodies jostled with twentysomethings in pristine trainers in two queues that snaked around the block. Many had camped out and it became increasingly fractious as they waited, with bickering and scuffles breaking out on the street.

I like shopping and clothing as much as the next girl but it would be a cold day in hell before I wait outside in a massive line so I can fight people over clothing. I don't wait in line overnight or even for hours for anything. And God help the student in a designer hoodie and pristine trainers if they jostled me. It's really for everyone's safety that I don't go to events like this.

Of course most of the clothing is ending up on ebay. The point of the line is for people to be able to own Balmain pieces who normally couldn't afford it but clearly that doesn't happen. Look at this blazer that's being sold for $2,150.00

I'm sure my grandmother would love it.

You might as well buy an actual Balmain piece and you have the added bonus of not getting injured while acquiring it.

In other news I'm really bored today but the Walking Dead is about to start and I swear if they don't start off with the dumpster I'm going to lose it. I'm being vague on purpose to not spoil.


  1. I like urban renewals and salvation army

  2. Very michael jackson-y, right? Seems like a lot of effort for a piece of clothing...

  3. $2150?? That's of a different world than the one I live in. And thanks for not spoiling Walking Dead, but now I'm all, "dumpster?!?"

    1. Let me know when you get to the dumpster ha ha

  4. I have to admit some of the mens stuff made by Balmain is very cool, but so expensive. I'd never pay thousands of pounds for any piece of clothing, however amazing.

  5. I would wait overnight for a loved one having surgery, nothing less.