Sunday, February 21, 2016

Davis Square visit

I'm not ready to go back to work tomorrow. At least the weather was nice over the weekend so I got to enjoy it rather than being stuck at work.

I went food shopping on Saturday and came across a mini belated Chinese New Year parade. At least I think that's what's going on here.

Saturday night Derek and I decided to go to Davis Square. We both used to live in Somerville and sometimes I do miss it. I just wish they didn't get rid of all the dive bars. I think Sligo is the last dive bar in Davis square. Most of the new bars are super hipster with pricey food and drink. We usually go to Underbones, which is the bar in the basement of Redbones. I had chicken and waffles. So good!

I've decided that I want a house with a finished basement and I want to have a home bar that looks like Underbones.

This photo was an oops but I like it.

Next stop was Sligo Pub. It is super divey. I love it.

Why yes I am a hot bitch.

Who the hell would pay $20 for a scratch ticket? There were a few for $30 too. That just seems silly to me.

Besides my night in Somerville I finished The Girl on the Train. I plowed through it because I wanted to know what happened. I did guess who was involved near the beginning but there were certain aspects that were a surprise. The book's main draw is it's fast paced plot and mystery. The ending was a tad disappointing because it seemed a bit abrupt, but overall I enjoyed the book.


  1. There's a valentine's day crossword puzzle in our paper today, and you've got a Chinese New Year parade going on. I think people are a little late with their deadlines?

    Great dive bar scenes, reminds me of my younger days. I'll pay $1 for a scratch ticket - my final offer. Sounds like your take The Girl on the Train is similar to mine. Not sorry I read it, but not amazing.

  2. I miss Davis, too. I went there on Valentine's weekend and had yummy indian food. Maybe someday I'll move back there, but not likely.

  3. Mmm... chicken and waffles...
    A good dive bar can be a lot of fun. I haven't been to my favourite one (Sneaky Dee's) in a while. I should go and catch up on all the new grafitti.

  4. A good dive bar sounds like fun! And to have one in your basement, all the better. You can paint the walls with chalkboard paint and everyone can write on them, just like in the bar.