Wednesday, March 16, 2016

How can we keep Boston's young men safe?

You might not have heard about this if you don't live in Boston, but over the past couple of years there have been quite a few young men who have gone missing and end up being found dead in the water. In most of the incidents the young man is in his early 20s, in college and out for a night of fun with friends and then he's gone.

There's a blog post here that goes into detail. I have taken this list from that blog.

John Daverio (49) 3/2003

Dustin Willis (26) 3/2007

William Hurley (24) 10/2009

Eugene Losik (26) 2/2010

David Mark (24) 2/2011

Franco Garcia (21) 2/2012

Jonathan Dailey (23) 10/2012

Eric Munsell (24) 2/2014

Josue Quispe (18) 10/2015

Dennis Njoroge (21) 11/2015

Zachary Marr (22) 2/2016

This is just the Boston area but there have been other men that have turned up dead in the water in maine and New Hampshire as well.

Unfortunately the most recent name on the list, Zachary Marr, was found in the Charles River Tuesday evening.

In many of these cases something feels off. Many of the man were not considered to be drunk enough to cause concern by friends. They often wander off for no reason often leaving behind personal items like their coat or wallet and keys. Someone is going to be there to pick them up or leave with them and they just wander off. It makes me wonder if maybe someone is drugging drinks which could explain the odd behavior of going outside with out a coat (starting to feel hot) and then wandering off and falling in the water. It could explain why they are coherent enough to text and/or talk on the phone but then while waiting the drug starts taking effect while waiting. Maybe this person drugs them and follows them outside and suggests they walk towards the water font? It might seem far fetched but we should consider it.

What can we do about this?

I think we all need to keep an eye out for anyone who looks intoxicated walking near the water. If you're out drinking with friends, try to keep an eye on each other. Don't let your friend go outside without a coat in the winter, even just for a smoke break. Hypothermia can set in quicker than you'd think. Combine that with drinking and your judgment can be very impaired. We can all be a little more vigilant.

Watch your drink! Don't leave it unattended. Better to be safe than sorry.

I think there are few things the city can do as well. There should be more lighting and cameras by the water and perhaps consider some better barriers. Maybe put an extra cop on patrol on the waterfront near Long Wharf on Friday and Saturday night.

I hope the city takes some measures to try to prevent another tragedy and we can all do our part by keeping a closer eye out.


  1. This is horrible, you offer good advice.

  2. Quite often when I dj someone will will offer me a drink, or just buy me one. I'm always polite but I never touch it. You just can't take chances nowadays.

  3. These are truly tragic situations, and you make an interesting observation. We think mostly about girls and young women being targeted, but it can happen to guys too. I never leave a drink unattended, and that means I don't even leave my water bottle on my bike when I park.

  4. Oh man. That's a long list of missing guys. :-(