Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Five stores later

I finally found a wedding dress for my cousin's wedding this Saturday. It took five stores before I finally found something that didn't look absolutely terrible. That is not an exaggeration, the dresses were terrible. I don't really enjoy shopping in stores. I prefer online shopping. I like to get in and out with what I need. By store #3 I was pretty frustrated but I had to find something. I finally ended up finding a dress at Ann Taylor and it was on sale. Maybe the shopping Gods finally took pity on me.

Can we all agree that dressing room mirrors are really terrible? They are very unforgiving and I felt down on myself for a bit despite liking the dress I bought. I didn't allow myself to mope for too long though. I ate pretty healthy today and went for a walk which made me feel better.

Pictures of said dress and matching jewelry to come. Unless all the photos of me at the wedding are terrible...


  1. Dressing room mirrors and mirrors in the hairdressers are terrible. The bright lights and having to look at your body and face in numerous angles is depressing I agree. We get used to seeing ourselves one way, and then have a shock when we see it in another. I bet you look lovely in the dress. :)

    1. I think the lighting is what really makes it horrifying. Then add in all the mirrors so you see every angle. Yikes!

  2. You wait until you get old too, trust me it gets even more depressing!

  3. I hate dressing room lighting. I don't know why the retail industry can't figure out how to do it better.