Wednesday, July 27, 2016

New chapeau

I'm very excited about my new hat.

Ok that is not a very good excited face but I was concentrating on taking a selfie.

I've been saying for a while that I want a PBR hat. I thought it would be funny and well I don't have any hats. Fiona decided to take matters into her own hipster hands and actually bought me the hat. I shall treasure it always.

I'm sweating just looking at these photos. It was so humid last night. I never signed up to live in a swamp.

Now I'm relaxing in the AC watching Obama's speech at the DNC while blasting out this blogpost. I'm going to miss having him as our president.


  1. You know for years I wore curved brimmed caps and then gave in to the flat ones. So I sold all my curved ones on ebay. I ought to mention I have over 100 caps. Now all my caps are flat brimmed. Now, what happens? Curved caps are back in fashion. Damn.

    1. I think the lesson here is save all your caps?? Where do you keep all of these caps? *asks the girl with two small closets*