Sunday, July 31, 2016

Weekend Report: I'm being very productive.

The weekend flew by. How is it already Sunday?

Weekend report:

Friday I went over to Lil Anne's house and we had some wine and chatted. Fiona showed up and we watched a pretty awful movie call the Lazarus Effect. We wanted something scary and we got something meh. Not even Evan Peters could save this movie.

Saturday we went to the Social in Newton with a few friends. This was only our second time there but I really like the place. Not overly crowded and the food is good. We'll have to go there more often. 

We ended the night with one drink at the Last Drop. Derek was a trooper because he hates that bar. Went to bed at 3:30 but somehow I was up around 10:30 with no hangover. I started doing laundry and dishes and made myself a delicious breakfast burrito with eggs, goat cheese and spinach. Yum. Derek was having a rougher morning and was like "what is wrong with you!" I also made a quinoa salad. I'm on a roll today.

I added some photos to my photo blog if anyone is interested. I take a lot of random pictures with my phone and then I don't want to delete them, so I now post them on the photo blog so I can clear out the photos on my phone.


  1. Evan Peters, you say? I have never heard of him before, but woo! He's easy on the eyes.

  2. That does sound like quite the productive Sunday. You should stay up late drinking more often?