Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Purge: Moving Day

Here we go again! Thanks to my shitty ass neighbors we are moving. The icing on this garbage cake is that this year we're moving on September 1st. We've had August 1st moving dates previously to avoid the invasion of the college students but our current property management company decided they wanted to go back on a September 1 schedule. If you're not moving on September 1st barricade yourself inside like it's the Purge. The college students are coming and they will destroy everything in their path and leave a trail of mattresses, garbage and nasty old couches in their wake.

I'm not gonna lie. There are still boxes that haven't been unpacked from our move last year. We figured out pretty quickly that we weren't going to last in this building so why bother unpacking everything? I'm pretty done with moving so at this point I plan on chucking as much as possible. I'd like to just toss it all over the railing from three flights up and let someone else deal with it but I'm an actual adult who doesn't leave charcoal and mattresses in the hall of a building.

The worst part about moving in a major city is that you don't have a driveway and the street is full of parked cars. You need to go to city hall and get permits for the moving truck. You need to somehow post them up in front of you building but not on the actual building when you have nothing to stick them to. I've taped them to bushes before which as you can imagine doesn't work so well. Then you have to plaster flyers on cars within a 10 mile radius saying YOU CAN'T PARK HERE OR YOU WILL GET TOWED BECAUSE I'M MOVING IN A FEW DAYS. Once is not enough though, you have to go back and canvas the cars the next day too. Who has time for this? I want to cry just thinking about this. What if someone takes down my permit? What if I have to call the city and get a car towed. Why can't I not have anxiety about everything?

If you're wondering why I don't just move to the burbs, well I'm not ready yet! What would I do with myself in the burbs? Wash my car in the driveway (I don't have a car...)? Plant some petunias? That doesn't sound so bad but  I have a black thumb. I could have a puzzle room though where I just sit and do puzzles. Maybe I'll be ready for the burbs someday but for now I'm just going to shake my fist and yell on my blog.


  1. It'll be fine, but you are right, nothing is easy.

  2. What a huge pain in the tush. Good luck! You'll get through it. No matter what obstacles you encounter, you will find a way around them, and pretty soon you'll be settling in to your new place.