Saturday, November 19, 2016

Say yes to the dress and no to the tote

How is Thanksgiving this Thursday? November is flying by.

Adult coloring books are all the rage now. I think this Game of Thrones coloring book might be too advanced for me though. The cover is pretty intimidating. Look at all that shading and crosshatching. Barnes & Noble is one of my favorite stores. If you need a last minute Christmas gift or something for a yankee swap, go to Barnes & Noble. While you're there pick me up a coloring book.

Free range organic Christmas trees at Whole Foods. I wish I could get a small tree but I'm terribly allergic to pine. I can't even use pine scented candles without having a sneezing fit. Bah humbug!

Regina's pizza is in an old train depot. I decided to "mix it up" and get toasted ravs and that was a mistake because they did not fill me up enough and I was still hungry. Live and learn and get pizza.

What can I say, Massachusetts bleeds blue. That's a nice artistic touch on the K there.

I posted this on instagram saying "drink your milk and go to bed". Melissa thought I was actually drinking booze and calling it milk. It was actually milk. At least it's not warm milk. I'd officially be old if I was doing that.

Today was the day! Wedding dress shopping day! It was actually really fun. I wish I could post a picture of the dress but it's a surprise. I really love it. I was trying on dresses and some of them were pretty but I was still on the fence. I put my dress on and the second I looked in the mirror I was like yep. Everyone with me was in agreement. There was another bride trying on dresses in the same dressing area as me and we become bffs for the day. We took some pictures together in our dresses.

These bags. What are these bags? Who buys these? The word wifey makes me cringe. Totes engaged on a tote? Why why why?

Wedding dress shopping makes you hungry. It's a lot of work getting in and out of layers of tulle and fabric. Can we get a Moe's out near my area? This thing was delicious and not spicy so I won't suffer later. Now I'm making myself hungry again. Time to end this blog post and go get some dinner.


  1. Nothing makes me change my political leanings more than graffiti and vandalism.

    So you had a "Yes to the dress" moment!

    1. Graffiti is just really immature. Don't people have better things to do with their time?

  2. Replies
    1. Yes! And I will be continuing that theme today ha ha

  3. My younger daughter had a sweatshirt that said "Not your wifey" which I thought was quite cool.

    Love the graffiti.

    I imagine trying on dozens of Wedding dresses must be exhausting.

  4. I thought that was a crunch wrap supreme....and got really excited. But nope, a different food alas. Still tasty, I'm sure! but taco bell....awww yes

    1. It was a non Taco Bell version of the crunch wrap supreme so I didn't get the shits!

  5. Always love your photos! Like "life through the eyes of Ginny".
    Totes engaged?? Seriously!?
    Allergic to pine? Christmas season must be tough for you. But thanks for the Barnes and Noble tip for yankee swap. I do have such an occasion coming up, so I'm gonna go hit up B&N - maybe get you an adult coloring book. If it's too tough, you can give to the Trump anti-fan. He/she looks pretty artistic.

    1. Thanks Abby!

      One of my favorite things to get people at Barnes & Noble is this little mini zen garden. It's so cute and not that expensive.

  6. That is nice handwriting on the "fuck trump" sign. Damn!

    Congrats on getting the dress!