Thursday, January 19, 2017

I ripped my fingernail off while recycling so basically I should be in charge of the EPA now

I was trying to break down a box to fit it into the recycling bin at work and somehow I managed to rip half my fingernail off. I'm basically bleeding for mother earth over here. Blood sweat and fingernails. I think this means I should be in charge of the EPA now. I think sacrificing a fingernail for the greater good of recycling a box certainly makes me qualified. I do have an associates degree from a community college if you're still unsure of my credentials. I've also never sued the EPA so I have that going for me as well.

Derek says I should just rip the rest of the nail off since it's kind of hanging there but I'm being a big baby and don't want to do that. I thought maybe if I put some nail polish on that would help the nail not be so weak and bendy but that was a terrible idea because nail polish burns on sensitive just had your nail ripped off skin. At least my wounded nail is now glittery.

In other are you sure you're really all there Ginny? news I keep seeing "Invicta Watches" come up on the tv guide and I keep thinking it says "Invicta Witches" and I'm like "Yes, let's watch this show about witches!" and then I realize my brain has fooled me once again. Invicta Witches totally sounds like a legit show though.

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  1. I've purchased nail glue (for fake nails) at the drugstore after i've ripped a nail like that. I HATE when my nail breaks under the skin line. Ouch. Good luck.