Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The fridge saga

Our new fridge was finally delivered today! The installation didn't go quite as planned but everything eventually worked out thanks to having a handy landlord.

It's a tight fit but it fits.
Time to restock.
The fridge was installed within minutes but when the deliveryman went to open the fridge door it wouldn't open all the way. The door was hitting the baseboard which was preventing it from opening. The deliveryman told me that this was the smallest fridge they had that wasn't a mini fridge. I'm not sure if that was true but I let Austin (our landlord) know what was happening. Rather than searching for a new fridge or destroying the baseboard, Austin just changed the side that the fridge door opens on. Problem solved! 

I've really missed having a home cooked meal. There's only so much takeout you can eat before you get sick of it. Don't forget to thank your fridge tonight.


  1. I was going to offer that solution, we did the same years ago.

  2. I see you have your priorities right. Not much food but bottles of lager.Enjoy your new fridge.

  3. That is one tight fitting fridge. Enjoy!
    I remember when our fridge died a few years ago and we had to wait for the new one. The kids' juices turned to booze. Who needs lager?